Over the weekend I went in for a cut & color, and I am so not happy with how it turned out. Ugh. *Random side note – everyone that complimented me on my hair in my Stitch Fix post on Friday cracked me up. I had just made the effort to curl it for the first […]

2015-11-20 12.35.01

I picked up my newest Stitch Fix box on my lunch hour yesterday, and for the first time in 4 years, instead of getting out of work at 5-5:30pm, I got out at 8pm. SHOOT ME NOW. Not only did I not even get to see my kids before bedtime, but I also was dying […]

Transformation Tuesday

You’ll never again hear me blame the state of my body & health on my pregnancies, because whether you gestated the child yourself or became a parent through adoption, I’ve realized that parenting is a serious time suck (in the best of ways of course) and the effect of that is often that we let our own […]

Walking into my office this morning - day 2 snow accumulations after day 1 had already been shoveled off!

Yesterday I got the dreaded call from school asking me to come pick up Stella in the nurse’s office because she was sick. That being said, we made it 2.5 months before the first pre-k crud hit our home, which I suppose is actually pretty good! 4 of the 14 kids got sent home yesterday […]

2015-11-13 18.22.14

Last weekend I got a Friday night dinner with my family & Saturday night date night with my hubby – both at our favorite restaurant in town. There’s something to be said for consistency, right? ;-)


FYI for those of you who loved the rings I posted about the other day – is running a 30% off sale right now! I think that’s the best sale she runs quite honestly, and the “free shipping” option is 3-4 weeks, so if you’re thinking of getting Christmas ornaments for your kids (or […]

2015-11-04 07.08.51 HDR-1

Do you know that I can’t remember the last time I puked up a meal? That’s called progress, folks. ***** I sat down to start writing this post last night and realized it was exactly 6 years ago (11/10/2009) that I started this blog with a post entitled “Getting Back on the Damn Wagon.” It’s pretty incredible […]

2015-11-09 13.18.38

When Stella was born in December 2011, I knew I wanted to start the tradition of a beautiful ornament for her to add to the tree each year. One of my blog friends (Jill @ Happy Hopefuls) had just written about the gorgeous one she had chosen for her son, and I was so in […]

2015-11-08 18.39.43

We just spent the weekend out of town at the house of some good friends of ours. Both the adults and the kids had an absolute blast hanging out for a few days, but sleeping in a different place definitely has us all a bit exhausted now. At least we don’t mind the cuddles when […]

2015-11-06 09.32.58

Well, I’m so new to this giveaway game that I had to google how to pick a winner for the free book giveaway I wrote about on Tuesday, but I finally found a site & got it done. Without further ado, out of the 21 people who entered the giveaway, the winner is…. * * […]

2015-11-03 18.51.37 HDR

I wrote one of these about a year and a half ago, but I wasn’t exercising at the time and I was still pumping at work and breastfeeding through the night, so my schedule has changed pretty drastically since back then and I figured it was time for a new one. Skip if you want, but […]

2015-10-23 12.22.36

So a few weeks ago I kept seeing an ad on Facebook for these books called “The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name” and “The Little Boy Who Lost His Name.” Stella is ALL about letters and writing people’s names, so I finally clicked on it to see what this book was all about and […]

2015-10-31 20.10.00

Marriage is tough on so many levels, and I think once you have kids it tends to get even tougher for most people. Charlie and I have been in a decent place lately, but we still struggle with feeling like we’re growing apart sometimes. Busy lives get in the way of togetherness & romance and […]

2015-10-29 14.32.59

This morning Stella and I were walking out the door at 7:45am and I was patting myself on the back for having my shit together and being on time for once. 7:46 – see random piece of paper on the counter as I walk out that says “Halloween Party Tomorrow! Preschoolers can wear their costumes […]

Some days...

Some days you are running behind because both of your kids ended up in your bed at 5:15am (UGH) but somehow they magically both fell back asleep so you cuddled with them until 6:15am until you silently crept out of bed started your workout late. Some days you decide to pack your kid’s school lunch […]

2014 - 2015

…and the years, they fly by. More pictures here.


So a few of you may know that my Mom is on a fantastic weight loss & fitness journey, and she is continually my inspiration for the dedication to make the small choices that add up to big results throughout the process. I don’t think she’ll mind me sharing that she is down 66.9# and […]

You know how sometimes you just feel like you're on top of the world-

My life. My body. My happiness. So much has changed since I took this picture just one month ago. And I totally love it.

2015-10-21 08.55.35

Phew – how is it Wednesday already? I feel like the days and weeks are flying by this fall & now snow is almost here, but isn’t that the way life goes? Well, I’m 3 1/2 weeks into my 8 week challenge, and I’m feel pretty good. This week has been a bit of a […]

2015-10-18 14.47.14

Charlie’s mom (Nana) is one of my kids favorite people in the world, hands down. If she’s around, I’m chopped liver to them. :) At any rate, yesterday we were hanging out at his parents’ house with some friends, so our kids took naps there. We went in to wake Stella up to leave, and […]

2015-10-15 13.43.51

I honestly wasn’t going to do a Stitch Fix this month because of money, but I forgot to cancel it and then I knew we were having a 60th Birthday party for my father-in-law this upcoming weekend so I hoped I might get something cool out of it. I picked this box up on Tuesday, and […]

Her Mommy & I look a LOT alike, and even though Ayla's Daddy is West African and my husband is a Northern European mutt (hehe), I think my niece looks a LOT like my kiddos did as babies. Genetics are such a funny thing, aren't they?

My little sister is a MOM. Oh man, I can’t tell you how weird that is! I’m the oldest of 5 kids, and though I’ve made that transition to motherhood over the last four years, none of them had yet, so in my mind they are all still “kids” if that makes sense. Kids that […]

2015-10-06 17.28.13

This morning my boss was walking through the front office and I yelled out “Charlie!” to get his attention. The problem? That’s my husband’s name – not my boss’s name. My boss may be young and good looking, but he is most definitely NOT my husband. I turned red enough for both of us, right before […]

2015-10-12 07.58.37

I’ve realized over the past four years that I’m very much a pick your battles parent… as in, I choose which battles are worth the fighting, and to me, there are a lot that just aren’t worth the tears. Case in point – hair styles. Lately Stella LOVES to “do her hair” – which generally […]

2015-10-07 12_00_05-Josey ( • Instagram photos and videos

Hi everyone! Just a quick check-in here since I always used to do Weekly Wednesday Weigh-Ins, and I kind of want to get back in the habit of that. :) I haven’t done a weigh-in to report (I’ll do that next week), but here are a few health & fitness things I wanted to share […]


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