The Day of Reckoning

K, I know it sounds silly, but Thursdays are probably my hardest day to “behave” when it comes to going out and drinking.  We have our weekly ladies bowling league that goes for 36 zillion weeks, and though I love having an automatic girls’ night out, it also means we’re more than likely going to be drinking beer, eating pizza, and just having an overall good time!  Been rationing my calories today, worked out extra hard this morning, and am eating a salad before I go… should be able to have 4-5 beers tonight and still be under my calorie count for the day.  I know that’s not a great way to go about it, but it’s what I’m gonna do.  I need to ease myself into this whole healthy living lifestyle, right?  Besides, I know for sure I’m not preggo right now, so who cares?!


  1. Well, it was easy enough to stop at 4 beers and go home instead of going out. Easy when you can't stand the people you're with because they're all fucking stoners. Am I the only person in Colorado who can't stand the shit? Definitely feels like it sometimes, and I'm tired of hanging out with people whose lives are defined by it and they can't admit it. Grow the fuck up!

  2. I'd be lying if I said I didn't ration calories so I could drink that night. Just don't do it and then drink a shot of whiskey for the first time. Oy.

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