Taking a Step Back…and a Deep Breath of Fresh Air

Well, it was an interesting weekend, and I’m almost glad that it’s Monday. I supposed that’s helped by the fact that I will only work three days this week and next week.  I love short work weeks.  🙂

My plans to head up to Vail were unfortunately derailed by the two storms that came through the area.  We didn’t end up with too much snow here in town, but the ski resort 30 miles south of us got 26″ and I’m sure the mountain passes between here and Vail weren’t great either.  It’s a bummer, but hopefully my girlfriend that I was supposed to visit will be heading down this way with another friend over Thanksgiving weekend to spend some quality time together.  I’m just praying that it warms up by then – it was only 4 degrees out this morning, and that is too damn cold!
Because of the ridiculous temperatures, I definitely did not make it outside for my run this morning, though I did do the 30 Day Shred video.  I’m on Day 8 of Level 1, and it’s definitely gotten easier!  Contemplating asking my friend A if I can use her elliptical machine after work tonight… kind of feel odd about it b/c we’re just getting to know each other, but I’d really like to get some good workouts in before we head to St. Louis on Thursday b/c I’m worried about the whole healthy eating/exercise plans while we’re there.  This big family trip to see my husband’s extended family should be quite the ordeal. The family really isn’t all that close, so it’s always interesting getting them all in one place at the same time.  Grannie Annie will be over the moon excited to see us since it’s a big surprise for her.  She is cuckoo… but hilarious. As long as she doesn’t keep calling me Posey, I’ll be fine.  Working out and eating right just really helps me work off my stress and feel more centered, so hopefully I’ll be able to get a little bit of that in, even on this trip!
Yesterday I picked up my best friend from this area at the airport.  She has spent the last month in Panama with her husband, and it was fairly shocking to me to realize how much I really depend on having her around to talk to and how much I missed having her around while she was gone.  She and I come from very different backgrounds, but we have a common bond in that we both finished college in France and are fluent in the language but somehow ended up completely changing our career plans for men we ended up marrying, so now we both live in this tiny town.  It’s just good to talk to someone who understands my need to TRAVEL and see cultured things and get out of here sometimes.  She’s pretty damn good about telling me to “get over it” if that’s what she is thinking as well. 🙂  The whole pot thing… I dunno, it’s not that I care so much if other people do it, I just hate when it’s forced onto me (like when I’m in a car with them and can’t get away from the smoke).  I just feel like it’s rude and insensitive, and K pointed out that they probably just feel like they’re being judged by me, instead of understanding that they’re not really respecting my wishes to not be involved with it.  I know she’s right, but I just don’t even want to have that conversation with them right now.  Glad that I’ll miss this week b/c of the St. Louis trip and next week b/c of Thanksgiving, so it will give me a couple of weeks to take a step back…and a deep breath of fresh air… and regroup.

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