A Brand New Torture Device Arrived Today!

So I’m extremely excited (read = excited, wary, broke, excited) about the arrival of my new elliptical machine during my lunch hour today.  I anticipate drinking a few beers with Hubby tonight while we sit on the floor of our dining room to assemble it…that’s right, the dining room – we don’t use the damn table anyway. Good riddance!  I definitely need to get the thing in working order before the morning so I can do a killer workout on it because the biggest get bloated fat and feel awful from eating holiday of the year is here tomorrow.  Yep, Thanksgiving!  My fav holiday of the year because there is none of the stress of gift giving (totally not a fan of obligatory gift giving, yep, I’m weird) and you simply sit around with family and close friends while eating your fav comfort food from childhood and drinking beer while watching TV with the aforementioned people.  Nothing wrong with that picture, that is, unless you’re on a CALORIE COUNTING bender where you therefore spend the entire day feeling like you’re betraying your calorie counter and teetering on the edge of disaster. 

On the up side, we just spent five days in St. Louis with my extended family, and I managed to only gain 0.6# on the trip after losing 2# the week and a half preceding that.  Not bad for vacation!  Even got my butt out of bed and ran two of the mornings.  UGH, I hate running, but it made me feel better about the beer I drank the rest of the day. Gotta love vacation.

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  1. I'm SO with you on the gift giving. I would so much rather get rid of all that and have all the big holidays just be about enjoying each other rather than wasting money on junk. (yes, I am going to read your whole blog most likely, hope you don't mind 🙂

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