Tears of … sorrow? … joy? Who the hell knows.

My best friend from this area who I talked about in this post here just called me to tell me that she’s pregnant.  Holy shit, knife to the heart.  It took every ounce of my self control to react with a “wow!!  congratulations!” instead of a stunned, shocked, tear filled silence (which followed immediately after I hung up with her).   She’s the one person around here that I’ve confided in about how badly I want to be pregnant and how we’ve been trying for months and it’s just not happening.  She’s 3 years younger than me and had no intentions of getting pregnant yet…but voila…lucky her…there was a + on the test strip. I really am happy for her, and if we could get pregnant too, it’s be awesome to have my best friend here be going through the same things I am… but that seems like a big “if” right now in my mind, which I guess is why this hurts so much.  ðŸ™  Working on being the best friend that I need to be though…

The Dooce community is awesome.  Thanks everyone for your thoughtful suggestions and input.

*2nd Update*
Crazy freakin’ day.  Just got a call from one of my other good girlfriends who is pregnant and on her way to the hospital to deliver the baby.  What a rollercoaster of emotions today!  Four of us got married within 2 months of each other – one is now on her way to delivery, my sis-n-law is 7 months along, my good friend just found out she’s preggo, and I’m still working on it.  Funny how life works out…

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