Late… but afraid to look…

Well, yesterday was day 28 of my cycle.. so technically I’m “late”… though with my last two cycles being 7 weeks and 8 weeks long, I’m not letting myself get very excited about it.  I would love love love for there to be a GOOD REASON to be very excited, but the emotional roller coaster is just too much for me to handle without becoming a crying, raging bitch.  Instead I find myself rationalizing why I should be happy and relieved if I don’t see a “+” on that damn test tomorrow morning. 

*It’s the holidays! I love drinking with my family!
*My little sis who turned 21 yesterday is coming to visit – I need to take her out for a drink!
*I committed to another year at work in my current position before transitioning into full time commission, and it’d be much easier for me to have a baby around this time next year than in August.
*Speaking of August, who wants to be 9 months preggo in August?

Hm… yeah, I’m about out of ideas.

In reality, I would love to be able to tell my parents this weekend when we’re face to face that we’re preggo… though it’s highly unlikely that’s going to be happening.

I have decided that either way (+ or – on that pee strip tomorrow morning), I’m going to talk to my Mom about it.  We’re just too close, and it’s been killing me to not be able to call her and talk/cry about things.  I wanted this to be a “Surprise! We’ve been trying! You’re going to be a Grandma!” kind of talk, but I guess things work out the way they’re supposed to… in due time…

Wish me luck tomorrow morning.


  1. Aside from wishing you luck, I'd like to point out that September babies are spectacular.

  2. I'm assuming that's when your birthday is? :)No luck with the pregnancy test… but still no period… so we'll see.

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