Huge Weight Off My Shoulders

Well, I definitely am in a 100% better space in my mind at this point! Still sad that I’m not pregnant (negative on the last two tests – still no period – but no positive either), but I’m also feeling a heck of a lot better after talking to my Mom about everything while we were back in Minnesota. It’s been hard for me to hide all of this from her these past few months since we talk nearly every day.  I just so wanted this to be an exciting surprise for her, but at this point I just needed the moral support more than a fun surprise.

On the up side, she dug out the book she read when she was trying to get pregnant with me (the 1970s edition – not the 90s ed. that Amazon has).  They actually use the word “puss” throughout the book instead of vagina.  Cracked me up! Some of the information is great – some of it is really funnily outdated.  Fun to read through though and see Mom’s notes about her cycles that she was tracking while trying to conceive me.  It’s also convinced me to buy this book so that I can tracking my temperature and everything.  I figure it’s better to have all of the information possible already gathered if it ends up that we need to go to the doctor for more help with all of this. I’m excited about using a BBT though (Mom bought me one and it’s already in the mail!).  Should be good to have a better understanding about my body and my cycle.

Long story short – talking with Mom = huge weight off of my shoulders.  This will happen when it’s supposed to – I really need to believe that!!


  1. I love the fact that you're reading the same book with her notes in it. That is really a beautiful thing.

  2. Thanks – I think so too! It was crazy to see her notes from tracking her cycle the few months before they were able to conceive ME. Way surreal.

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