New Year’s Resolutions… A Little Late

Okay, so life has been crazy hectic and I’m just now getting a chance to sit down and write out these resolutions.  After my oh my God I haven’t been that hung over in two years fun NYE night out with my friends last Thursday night, I really had time to think about what my priorities need to be in this coming year.

Yes, I love to socialize.
Yes, I love to drink while I socialize.
Yes, I have a GODDAMMIT IT’S NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE hard time to go out with a bunch of friends not have a bunch of beers…

However, I started to get inspired a few months ago when I read this post by Junket Juice (who was wanting to lose weight to up her chances of conceiving – not to mention to get in shape!), and continued to be inspired to read this post written by her just three months later… 30# in three months?! Well hell, Junket seems like a pretty cool person who has fun with friends and likes jager about as much as I do. If she can do it, so can I.

I lost 10# in two months (last week of Oct – last week of Dec) and then promptly ate and drank my way through the holidays and put 4.6# of that back on in two weeks.  Not cool.  Final goal is to lose 30# by April 1, 2010 (Easter Weekend!), assuming I’m not joyously, blissfully, happily pregnant before then.  Either way, it’s time to kick it into gear health-wise so that I can rule that out as a reason that I haven’t gotten preggers yet.

So here we go… 

My Top 5 Achievable goals for a Happy & Healthy 2010.

*Call at least one of my siblings at least ONCE a week instead of only communicating through email & Mom (and figure out how to use Skype since *E will be in Norway!).
*Drink at least TWO glasses of water with every meal – one before and one during (minimum) to help me decide if I really need those last few bites or if I was just thirsty!
*Not drink more than THREE alcoholic beverages in a sitting.  Limit beer to nil, and if it’s something special (like my birthday, not a Wednesday!), have some vodka or wine.
*Work out at least FOUR times a week… that’s a minimum, but it’s an achievable minimum, and I’ll be even happier with myself if it’s five, six, or seven.
*Tell my husband something I’m proud of him for, something I love him for, and/or something I appreciate him for at least FIVE times a week.  He’s big on the Words of Affirmation that I usually forget about.  I think this will help with our communication issues if I work on positive affirmation instead of frustrated negativity.

I really think these are achievable goals… and good ones, if I do say so myself.

To 2010 being a better year than 2009 was…


  1. Two things. One, I like that you call them achievable goals instead of resolutions. Has a much nicer tone to it. Two, I am going to go ahead and steal your first one. I'm really bad about calling siblings.I think you can totally get all of these accomplished.

  2. Thanks Bradshaw! I am super close with my siblings (I'm the oldest of five) but I live 1000+ miles away from all of them now and life gets busy and I'll realize it's been a month since I've talked to anyone and I don't want it to be that way! BTW – I about spit out my drink reading your bio on Blogger – my husband is from St. Louis (Manchester) originally, and reading your "About Me" was like reading a bio about him. I think we'd all get alone swimmingly. 😉

  3. Ha, I'm the oldest of four, with quite a few stepsiblings thrown in there. I think that alone would be reason to get along. Oldest child syndrome and whatnot. And I drive through Manchester frequently. That's so odd.

  4. Whoa…WHOA. How did I miss this post? My feedly reader sucks. Anyway…so excited for you to do this. We can do it if we really put our minds to it!

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