Isn’t it Ironic…Don’t cha think?

What does it say about me to follow up a post about being concerned about a friend who drinks too much with a post about how God awful hung over I am?

Gotta love karma!

At any rate, my beloved Vikings choked a big one last night. UGH. To be so damn close and to still lose by a last minute field goal.  Incredibly frustrating.  It’s one of the only times I’ve logged into Facebook and every single status I was reading basically said the same thing throughout the day:

Why can’t they hold onto the damn ball?
How many Minnesotans are having heart attacks right now?
What did I ever do to you Vikings????
grumble grumble…vikings…grumble grumble…monday

…or some version of that.

I chose to drink away my pain. Well, first I was drinking in excitement. Then in frustration. Then to drink away the pain. It’s all Junket’s fault. She brought up partying with two RRs.

Gotta love Jared Allen. 🙂


  1. Partying with two Rs can suck it as of Saturday morning. Until, of course, the weekend. Gotta take those four days off.I'm still impressed you worked out today. Truly.

  2. From now on, I expect nothing but partying of the double R variety from the two of you!

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