For My Sanity & Peace of Mind

11w1d… that’s how far into this cycle I am, and thanks to TCOYF (one of the most amazingly invaluable books ever!) I know that I have not even ovulated yet. I know that at my age (28) they say that you should wait a year before you go to the doctor with infertility concerns, but I’m pretty damn frustrated at this point and need the peace of mind that I hope will come from talking to a doctor!

I heard of a great doc in the neighboring town (about 30 miles away) and of course b/c he’s so great, he’s booked out to eternity.  Ah well, that’s why I called now, right?  I have an appointment for Wednesday the 17th…that’s exactly three weeks from now… and I’m feeling good about finally having the chance to talk with a doc about things.  As of the 17th, we’ll have been trying for a full seven months…which is a blink of an eye in some situations, but to me it has felt like an eternity!

If nothing else, we can maybe rule out a few things and just help me to relax and trust this process.  We’ll see!


  1. Is it really creepy and stalkerish that I just thought "Hmm, I should set an outlook reminder so I remember to tell her good luck that day"? I'm a weirdo, I know this.

  2. LOL…nah, that's why I like you, cuz I would have had the exact same thought process. Not that I actually need/expect you to do it. 🙂

  3. If it makes you feel better, I met a woman recently who didn't start having children until she was 37 and just had her second at age 41. I seriously calmed the fuck down after that. I'll panic again when I turn 36. P.S. Good luck. Have you tried making out to The Isley Brothers? I bet that would do the trick.

  4. Josey,So I know we just "met" as in you just commented on my blog and I just commented on yours, but it looks like we have SOOOO much in common it is ridiculous! We've been wanting to get preggo for 10 months now and it is super hard to not get frustrated. I have had two periods (one of them forced by the doctor) since getting off birth control. Right now I am sitting at 167 days into this cycle! So, I did end up visiting a doctor (after my first cycle was short and my next one didn't show up for a few months) and there are a lot of interventions she offered up to get stuff "moving along". I found it was helpful knowing there were lots of less invasive and more invasive options, but in the end talking it over with her definitely helped me find this strange "zen-like" state where I am starting to relax more about the whole situation. I really want to do this naturally, but it is helpful to know that if I can't then it is not a lost cause. So I hope your appointment helps you to feel better about it too. Hopefully we'll both reach the year mark and things will start working like clock work. hehehe.

  5. @Natalie – this is exactly why I started blogging about it – it just helps me SO MUCH to know that there are other people out there struggling with the same things and to remember to just relax about the whole situation. Thanks for checking out my blog – I'll have to spend some more time on yours later today. Time to get a bit of work done!

  6. I really think that TCOYF should be required reading for all girls in high school. I *wish* I had more about my cycle from the get-go. And it should even be okay with the neocons because it can also teach people how NOT to get pregnant!

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