Real Tragedy

You know, whenever I feel like complaining about things in my life, I get little reminders like this that make me stop and go wow.  I just got this email from my friend D who works as an xray tech in a hospital in Colorado. Wow.
Just took care of a 62 year old man who was in Haiti for a meeting when the earthquake hit. He was in the lobby of a building. The entire building collapsed around him, he and his friends saved by chance, since they just happen to be walking under a part of the ceiling that was recessed. Anyway, 5 of them in a small area of space only 3 feet tall for 58 hours. Two of his friends had their legs crushed and were still alive when French fireman found all 5 of them, but those two have since passed. When I asked him if they had anything to drink with them, his response was, “nothing but our own urine.”

If that doesn’t bring a little perspective to your day…


  1. Oh wow. That is intense.

  2. Wow. Major perspective. Thank you for that.

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