Meet Mr. Stickers

Mr. Stickers, in the flesh. 
So I just got back from a really good day of snowboarding… the kind you can only have in Colorado, honestly. Blue bird sky and 40 degrees – it felt like spring skiing, even though it’s only January. I had to take OFF my gloves b/c I was too warm, and since I am never ever. NEVER. EVER. warm, that is crazy!
At any rate, this cute little guy was “rescued” by some locals last year…and apparently they kept him as a pet of sorts for awhile, b/c though they’ve now released him “back into the wild” – (i.e. the local ski resort) – he definitely has zero fear of humans. Sad, really, right Junket?
However, he’s also ridiculously cute. He was engrossed in a banana that someone had given him when I took this pic (yes, I was lying on my belly right next to him to take this pic – I got balls, right?!) but his little beady eyes and scrunched up nose… it made my heart melt!  After I got back up, he came over and tried to hump my leg. Yes, I’m that attractive folks. You heard it hear first. 
Apparently he’s not too picky.


  1. Engrossed in a banana? Love it. I didn't realize they liked bananas. Nor did I realize that they were actually cute. Very, very cute. I don't blame him for being attracted to you, by the way. 😉

  2. That's so funny. Before you even said anything I was like, "oh dang..that's not right." How do you know me so well?

  3. @Bradshaw – they are supposed to eat tree bark only, and the ski resort has posted signs "do not feed mr. stickers"…but of course the tourists can't resist! @Junket – it's totally not right! poor guy .

  4. YAY Josey! I am excited to find another Colorado girl who cherishes the amazing-ness (not a word but I am going with it) of winter sports here! I was up yesterday and although I would LOVE it if there was more snow (come on snow gods), it was a wonderful ski day nonetheless. Thanks for the comment. I am excited to read more about you!

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