Celebrity Doppelgänger week – Mom & Dad Edition

Okay – I just have to share this b/c it’s TOO freaking crazy for me!
My siblings and I have always talked about how much my Dad resembled Brad Pitt when he was young in the pictures we would see, but my one of my sisters just pointed out the picture below on Facebook to my Mom, telling her to change her profile pic to Brad & Jen.
Check it out – Brad & Jen’s wedding photo & my parent’s engagement photo…
Crazy, right? Maybe I’m just seeing things b/c I always thought Brad & Jen were so beautiful together and I have the BEST parents in the world, but that’s pretty damn cool!


  1. THAT'S FREAKING AWESOME!!!!But it's not a freaking tutu.

  2. Agreed, it's not a freaking tutu. LMAO.

  3. You're not seeing things, that is crazy! And I agree Brad and Jenn were so gorgeous together! *tear*

  4. are you sure your mom didn't ACTUALLY marry Brad Pitt? I always get a little reminiscent of the days when Brad and Jen were together. Back when things were simple.

  5. WHOA!!! I can't believe the resemblance!The freaking tutu comments totally had me laughing. 🙂

  6. Bradshaw figured most ppl reading my blog would get the tutu reference. :)My Daddy's a good lookin' guy, not gonna lie!

  7. Listen Josey Pitt… Tell your Dad to get rid of Jolie and get back to the best thing he ever lost. Jeez. I'm sick of looking at him going down the toilet.

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