99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall…

Well, not beer, but unfortunately not baby formula either. Tomorrow morning is my long awaited doctor appointment, and I am so excited, relieved, scared, apprehensive, grateful to finally be talking to a “professional” about this. Today marks the 99th day of my current cycle, and yeah, that’s ridiculous. (Sorry Natalie, I know you’re even farther in than I am!)

At any rate, hubby and I are headed to town tomorrow morning (so grateful that he is going with me) and we’ll see what’s the doc thinks is up. Typical boy by the way – I’m nervous to find out something is really wrong with me, and all the hubby has asked me so far is “am I going to have to look at dirty magazines?”

LOL. Boys.


  1. Good luck Mama! It WILL happen, I can feel it. If not, you can have mine…..for a little while.

  2. Bwahaha, your hubby makes me laugh. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow (yeah, I set my outlook to remind me, just like I said I would). Definitely let me know how it goes.

  3. hahaha. hubby's reaction is hilarious! My uber supportive hubby keeps saying "maybe it is me!". I told him unless his junk is superhuman and/or sweet talks my eggs into not coming out, then it is most likely me….BTW I had to update my count 185 days. Ugh so ridiculous!

  4. LOL – I had the EXACT same convo with my Hubby yesterday. He said something like, "Babe, it's probably me, and then you're going to leave me for a man with better swimmers."Well babe, thanks, but no, it's probably me, and you'd BETTER not leave me for a woman with better ovaries! 185 days…ouch. They'll "force" a period before I get to that point I think so that I could start clomid or something…

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