Some Things I’ve Learned…

Please please please, if someone ever says that they’re having troubles conceiving and are going to get help for it (or are currently getting help for it), please do not feel free to give ever so helpful hints like:

– You should just wait a little longer before getting help. You’re young. It’ll happen.
Yes, it’s “only” been seven months since we started trying & many books say to wait a year, but I’ve been researching the shit out of this and know my body better than ever before. I’ve tracked temperatures, cervical fluid, & cervix changes, and when I’m not even ovulating for 3+ months at a time, something is wrong. I simply want to know if there is something they can do to help jumpstart my ovulation into normal cycles again to give us a chance!

– You just haven’t been having enough sex. Do it every day – it will happen.
Um, no. Refer to the point above. Just b/c YOU happened to conceive without trouble, it doesn’t make you the expert. In fact, you probably don’t know shit. (just like me, before this process) You just got lucky and procreated the right time around your body’s ovulation. If I’m not ovulating, having sex 10 times a day will STILL not help things along. Believe me. We’ve tried.

– Just relax. When you forget about it, it will happen.
Yes, I need to relax. I’ve tried to relax. Honestly, since I started tracking BBT, etc. I’ve relaxed a LOT more since I at least know now that there’s no chance I’m preggo since I’m not ovulating. However, for me to TRULY feel better about all of this, I need to talk to a Doctor. I need to know that I’m doing everything in my power to help this process along. I need to know if there is truly NOTHING that I or medicine can do, and if so, then fine, I will relax and leave this in God’s hands.

Yes, I know my family and friends and whomever are just trying to be helpful, but really, it’s my body, and I know what I’m feeling and what I’ve researched and what I think is right for me. If you’re TTC and are having similar issues, feel free to give me helpful advice – I would truly love to hear it! If not, just a simple, “I’m sorry you’re struggling. That sucks ass. I’ll be praying for you,” is all that is needed.

Can you tell what kind of advice I’ve been getting today?
Okay, I’ve settled down a bit now that I’ve had a few hours to digest the comments. I just get defensive when I feel like people are criticizing decisions that are so personal to me. I know these people just want to help though, and I need to remind myself of that! Billy Currington, thanks for the reminder that “God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy!”


  1. I love you so much, Josey. Your rant reminds me of that story about some person shipwrecked floating on the ocean, and three times someone came by offering help and the guy said "No, God will provide" so of course he drowned and then complained to God about dying young and God said "Well I tried three times to send you help." God WILL provide. And all some of us can do is PRAY. But YOU can gather up your wonderful husband and go to the doctor, armed with truckloads of information you have bothered to take the time to learn and figure out and get some answers and some help. You are doing exactly what you should be doing at exactly the right time. 🙂 xxMom

  2. *hug*I'm sending good vibes your way today.

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