It Wasn’t How I Thought My First Time Would Be

You know how you start thinking about something, dreaming about something…and you have it all planned out in your mind what your first time will be like? Then when you get to that day, suddenly nothing is like that beautiful time you dreamed of and planned for and you simply have to make do with the reality of life?

No, I’m not talking about THAT. Get your mind out of the gutter Bradshaw. Just cuz your new boy is in town doesn’t mean I’m a perv like you. 😉

I went in for my first ultrasound today. I’m sure there are many uses for ultrasounds, but as a little girl who grew up being the oldest of five kids and then as an adult having every girlfriend imaginable around me have kids, I have always associated it with babies. I most definitely have not associated it with not (thus far) being able to have them…at least until today.

On the up side, it wasn’t half bad. I drank a ton of water in a rush just beforehand b/c my meeting got out early and I was able to move the appointment up by two hours (yay!) and the tech actually said to me, “wow, great job on the water – that HUGE MASSIVE GINORMOUS BLOB is your bladder pushing your intestines out of the way.”  Who knew?

Not to digress, but the ultrasound tech (Becky) rocked my face off. Seriously. She was reassuring and funny and told me great stories about her struggles to conceive, including one about driving 100 mph down the freeway in Indiana with her husband’s sperm sample tucked between her breasts to keep it at body temperature until she got to the hospital. Yeah, try explaining that one to the cops.

At any rate, she showed me my uterus – looks great. My ovaries – both looked great. No cysts. Follicles look good. Good news. She’s not the doc of course, he’ll call me tomorrow with the “official” results since he was out of the office today, but it was good to hear that there’s a pretty good chance I’m checking out okay and don’t have PCOS or anything more serious like that. Now if we can just get my ovaries to release a few of those eggs, I’d be a happy camper!

BTW, I managed to only break down in tears once. Just ONCE. That is huge for me. We were talking about how hard it is to wait even one month when all you want is that damn second line on the pee stick, and I somehow took that as my cue to blubber. Yep. Just a little bit. She was great, had kleenex in my hands in a nano-second (I have a feeling she’s used to seeing crying women), and proceeded to say to me, “You know, I see no reason why this shouldn’t happen for you – everthing looks great!”

I know that’s not like the Word of God or anything, but it was definitely nice to hear in the moment.

One more test down… and a horny girl at home who has to abstain b/c her hubby has to abstain for at least three days before doing his “test.” C’mon baby!


  1. So glad I found you! It is really nice to have someone who is going through the same thing as you to help and support. I'm so happy the ultrasound showed no issues. Sounds like you are on the right track with your treatment!

  2. Way to call me out. First Penelope, now you? Sheesh ladies, what the hell?Also, that is awesome to hear!!! I wish I could have talked to you yesterday about it. Seriously.

  3. Okay first, I am so excited for you, but admittedly I can't stop laughing about how the ultrasound tech "rocked your face off". So funny! Okay back to the happiness for you. Awesome awesome news! One step closer. And as for the horny girl at home….same here. My hubby has said I might need a boyfriend because I am infringing on his sleep. Hahaha.

  4. @Steph – we're definitely on the same track it seems. It was great to read through your blog yesterday (sorry for the zillions of comments!). @Bradshaw – we only call out those we love, or are jealous of. LOL. can't wait for the sunday report!@Natalie – she really DID rock my face off! She was exactly the right person to talk to at exactly the right time – a good feeling for sure. BTW, infringing on sleep – I SO get that. Who created the fallacy that men are hornier than women anyway?!

  5. I'm so happy to hear that things went so well for you and your good news! Good luck to the hubby! (And you, while you have to, uh, wait!)@ Bradshaw! We love you, think you're cool. Thus, you're getting called out!I can't wait for Sunday, girls.

  6. Love the sperm in the cleavage story!So happy this is moving forward so beautifully.

  7. Ah crap. You're going to get pregnant before we get shwwwaaasted in Vegas, aren't you? Let's take care of this stat.

  8. LOL, I told you I'm up for a trip whenever! Bradshaw is the girlie with the crazy busy schedule. 🙂 Let's work on something asap to try and get a weekend pinned down.

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