FC Days 8-14

It’s Day 15 of my 30 Day Fitness Challenge and time for a look back at my second week!

Weight Lost this Past Week: (goal is 1#/week)
.6# (see sidebar for history)

Food This Past Week: (goal was 1400cpd)
1580 Avg. CPD
High of 2070 / Low of 1071

Well, I still had three higher days, though not the normal three. Grr. At least my food choices were good – the higher days were from having a few drinks with different friends that were in town. Crazy how fast those calories add up! I’ve had a really hard couple of weeks emotionally though, so I’m super proud of myself that I haven’t just turned to food to feel better. I KNOW that if I can get my average CPD down to 1400 I’ll have a better chance of hitting that 1#/week goal, but at least I’m moving in the right direction instead of bingeing on a box of mac & cheese. 🙂

Workouts This Past Week:
30 min. cardio: elliptical
200 min. cardio: snowboarding
30 min. cardio: elliptical
45 min. cardio: 30 Day Shred + elliptical
40 min. cardio: The Firm Ultimate Fat Burning Workout DVD
30 min. cardio: elliptical
30 min. cardio: elliptical

I didn’t hit my goal of more 45 minute workouts, but I do feel good that I’m getting in a daily workout so I’m happy with that. I really feel that it helps me make better choices throughout the day if I start it with a workout! I’m just going to keep on with my daily workouts and try to deal with my emotions with exercise and not food this week.

As you can see in my last post, it’s more important than ever to me to be a healthy, fit person and to keep this up long after the 30 Day Challenge is up.

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  1. Exercise is an AWESOME way to blow off steam. It's what I turn to the fastest. I'm so proud of you for keeping up with the workouts!

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