FC Days 15-21

It’s Day 22 of my 30 Day Fitness Challenge, and time for a look back at my third week!

Weight Lost this Past Week: (goal is 1#/week)
I lost 2# this week! (see sidebar for history)

Food This Past Week: (goal was 1400cpd)
1675 Avg. CPD
High of 2181 / Low of 1400

I spent a lot of days right around the 1400 mark though, so that was good. The highest day was Saturday – my buddy was in town from Texas, and we went out for dinner and drinks. Typical story for me. πŸ™‚ Still working on making better choices on those days, but you have to enjoy life, right?!

Workouts This Past Week:
40 min. cardio: The Firm Ultimate Fat Burning Workout DVD
30 min. cardio: elliptical
n/a – Sunday: just never made it up the mountain (or anywhere else!) – watched the USA/Canada Olympic Hockey match instead. πŸ™‚
20 min. cardio: elliptical
40 min. cardio: The Firm Ultimate Fat Burning Workout DVD
40 min. cardio: The Firm Ultimate Fat Burning Workout DVD
40 min. cardio: elliptical

So yeah, I’m not sure if I’m following all of Jenn‘s “rules” exactly for the challenge anymore, but it’s definitely helping to keep me motivated to jump on the elliptical or do another exercise DVD, even when I don’t want to. πŸ™‚ Going to the chiropractor as well to try to get my knee back in running shape – that always helps me drop weight and tone up fast!


  1. Congrats on losing weight and being so awesome about keeping up with cardio! I'm impressed!!

  2. Hey Josey!! Just letting you know you're my "Date of the Week" this week!! Do you have a button? I'd love to post it, if you have one!

  3. SO. My 5K yesterday definitely motivated me. Starting in the morning (probably) is the new working out regiment. Because I can.And I'll be working out with you! Kind of.

  4. Hey Josey! I love the blog! I love reading IF blogs bc I was there once. I also have PCOS. I understand everything you are going through. I wish you the best of luck with it all. I promise, it will happen…even though you may end up with triplets like me!!!!Ginnywww.rajandginny.com/blog

  5. Triplets! Yikes! That would make life interesting. πŸ™‚

  6. 2 pounds, way to go!! You kicked some butt this week working out. You don't have to follow my "rules" do what works for you!!way to go!!

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