Date of the Week

Wow – so I just saw a note from Mama M (a fellow Minnesotan whose blog I love!) that I’m her Date of the Week.

I happen to be talking via google chat right now to four women that I met because of this blog (I love the blogosphere!) and I told them that I felt like I needed to go out and write some sort of thoughtful post in case anyone checked me out…

Here are their responses to me telling them I’m the date of the week… 🙂

Junket said “Go Jo!!!”
Bradshaw said “don’t change your posts. i like them the way they are.”
Penelope said “JO! that’s awesome! …you’re super authentic”
Biscuit said “yeah girls!” (Penelope just told us she won a blogger contest as well)

Not one of them judges me for my thoughts, so then I thought, since when do I feel selfconcious about my blog? I don’t write this b/c I’m a good writer. I’m not writing this blog b/c I care what others think (though I do appreciate your support!). I write this blog to vent. To vent about my happy things, my sad things, my joyful things, and my frustrating things. That’s right, “things” – a word a good writer should never use!

So in short, I’m not going to change a thing. 🙂 Thank you to Mama M for linking to my blog, to my Blogger Beer Summit girls and to my other followers for being so amazing, and to all of you other bloggers out there – for your support, your encouragement, your tips, and your virtual hugs. You’ve made all the difference these past few months as it became apparent that our desire to conceive wouldn’t be so easily accomplished.

Time to get to bed to work on that baby thing!


  1. Huge congrats on being the date of the week! Hope the baby making is going well! 😉

  2. Followed the link from MamaM! Good luck trying to conceive!

  3. I love how you finished this post with "gotta go make the babies"…love it and this blog and YOU! Go Josey….it's your birthday. If it's not just pretend that it's your birthday………..

  4. We'll party (with two Rs) like it's your birthday anyway. :)Blogger Beer Summit FTW!!

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