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I just had the best weekend with my old college roommate, D. She moved out to Colorado about a year and a half ago, and this was the first weekend I was able to go up and hang out with her (she lives 260+ miles away). Yikes, I’m a slacker of a friend.

At any rate, I have a bunch of quotes to share about my experiences from the weekend.

“You’re cute for a redhed.” (to my friend, D, while were were at the local watering hole. seriously dude? if you weren’t gay, we’d call you on that lame pick up line. instead, we think he meant it. i could write 50 more quotes from this dude – he had NO BOUNDARIES. he also said things like, “are you red down there as well?” Um, WHAT?!)

“Just point your skis down the hill.” (ass hole dad to his young daughter at the top of a scary hill, right before we saw the tobaggen have to take her back down the hill b/c she was bawling and hurt. dad kept skiing. it still makes me mad.)

“it’s bloody mary time” (D to me…nothing funny about it, but it’s a good memory *grin*)

“you’re like a f*ing cat* (random truck full of guys driving by, who slowed down after seeing me almost eat shit on the icy road in front of them while walking back to our car. i tossed my snowboard and caught myself, fyi. quite proud of myself!)

“I just can’t shove this whole thing into my mouth at once. I have seriously gagged from it!” (D to me, at sushi. she’s a wuss and cuts her sushi pieces in half with her fork.  who does that?! luckily i still love her)

“see, another positive. i couldn’t soak in a hot tub and drink wine if i was pregnant right now” (me to D, trying to remember the upside of being unable to conceive thus far. it was a good silver lining!)

“Tom: Paul, seriously…
Paul: Did you bang her?
Tom: No.
Paul: What, hum job? Hand job?
Tom: Man, no. No jobs. I’m still unemployed. We – we kissed. ” — (from the movie “500 Days of Summer” – an AWESOME MOVIE we watched on Saturday night!)

“this is frickin’ insane” (me to D, in the middle of the Insanity workout we did together. i can barely walk now.)

basically, local bars + snowboarding in the rockies + sushi + hot tubs + movies + late night talks + early morning workouts = an amazing weekend with a great longtime friend. totally what i needed to take my mind of this TTC thing. 🙂


  1. I love old college friends. I'm supposed to talk to one today. Can't wait. I'm so glad you had fun!!!

  2. College friends are great!! Sounds like a fun weekend!

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