Alternative Dr. Visit Round #1

I’m a huge fan of chiropractic care, and I truly believe a lot of our ailments can be treated/prevented with regular chiropractic care instead of always going to the doc for “western” medicine.  The more I get into this TTC world, the more I learn, and because of articles like this one, I decided to check out the local acupuncturist and see what I thought. Another girl friend of mine in the area has endometriosis and has been visiting this guy with great success, so I figured it was worth a shot!

Here are my chicken stratch notes from my first visit today…

Spleen & Liver (& kidney? I forget.) – Imp’t in conception. Has to do with blood. NEED GOOD BLOOD (and lots of it) to conceive. Some herb I can’t remember the name of (he’s ordering it in for me) should help with the blockage of ‘qi’ that i have in my abdominal area.
From Wikipedia:
Health is explained as a state of balance between the yin and yang, with disease ascribed to either of these forces being unbalanced, blocked or stagnant. The yang force is the immaterial qi, a concept that is roughly translated as “vital energy”. The yin counterpart is Blood, which is linked to but not identical with physical blood, and capitalized to distinguish the two. TCM uses a variety of interventions, including pressure, heat and acupuncture applied to the body’s acupuncture points (in Chinese 穴 or xue meaning “cavities”) to modify the activity of the zang-fu.

After going over my health history and doing a bunch of needle work on me (for lack of a better word – do you know the right term?) he gave me the following to do lists…

To Do List for my Hubby:
Massage my abdominal area – clockwise and from top to bottom – right before bed.
Massage my feet – especially inner sides, but also the soles – whenever!
… this will help me to sleep better at night and to get my qi flowing correctly …

To Do List for Me:
Consume less “animal protein” … including dairy (yikes – I love me some cheese!)
More veggies & fruit (this is like a damn diet!)
Try to be more laid back about things (ha, funny for a Type-A like me)

I know this isn’t a great synopsis, but I still have a lot going on in my head that I’m trying to form an opinion on . So far, I like it. I made an appointment to go back in two weeks, so we’ll see how I feel after a few more treatments.

Side note, this, like most things it seems, is not covered by my insurnace (UGH). However, (God forbid) this gets to the IVF level, that can cost upwards of $10k/try… and for $70/session, this seems cheap in comparison. 🙂  If nothing else, at this point, it’s really helping me to relax – I actually fell asleep both on my front and on my back after he put all of the needles in, and I honestly feel more rested.

We’ll see!


  1. I have heard acupuncture can have some amazing results on the body. You are in my thoughts and I hope this works 🙂

  2. I have always wanted to try both going to a chiro and getting acupuncture. I fractured some vertebrae in my back when I was 20 and things have not been right since. Always afraid to take the plunge though. Let me know if you, like, grow a 3rd arm or something in a few days…then I'll try it.

  3. Biscuit, are you saying you'll only try it if she grows that 3rd arm?Jos, sounds like it's helping you relax, which makes me happy to read. We're here for you, lady.

  4. @Biscuit – I broke 5 vertebrae and 6 ribs when I was 16 (car wreck) and chiropractic care helped me SO MUCH. I spent 3 months in a back brace, but the chiropractor is what has helped me throughout life since then to keep my back working correctly. One thing though – ask those around you – coworkers, whomever – for recommendations. I'm SUPER picky about my chiropractor. I tried a guy here who spent 10 minutes with me, checked my neck and my low back, and sent me on my way. The girl I go to now (LOVE HER) spent 90 minutes with my my first appt. and at least 45 min. with me every appointment after that. It's truly total body care when done correctly!I'll let you know if I grow that 3rd arm or not from the acupuncturist. 🙂

  5. Found your blog through Mama M..I'm your newest follower! 🙂

  6. With the "qi" and the "yin and yang" you should try yoga as well. It's a great form of relaxation and breathing (and I love breathing, ask Bradshaw). The philosophies of yoga sound a lot like what your accupuncturist is telling you. It can't HURT anything so what the heck…may as well give it a whirl.

  7. @Murdock's Mama – Can't wait to check out your blog!@Canis Majoris – I'd like to try yoga, but there aren't any classes around here that are scheduled when I'm not at work. Might have to try it on a DVD, but I feel like it's the type of thing you'd get more out of with a live teacher! We'll see…

  8. Jesus F. Christ. Who can be relaxed and not eating cheese simultaneously? ……..kidding. I know for a fact, you'll do anything for your baby! xo

  9. Okay, so Junket's comment made me laugh out loud. 🙂 Josey, this is SO COOL. I have always loved this about you – that you are so perfectly open and willing to give things a try. It is a marvelous way to be. Mind body and spirit are connected in ways that often elude us if we aren't paying attention. You are SO paying attention on multiple levels right now, and it can only help you. xxLove you forever.

  10. A friend of mine wants me to try being hypnotized….I think I am going to go google it right now. But sounds like acupuncture is a winner. I mean it is basically the same cost as a massage and if it helps you relax and has additional benefits for conception, that equals winner in my book.

  11. @Junket – I just burst out laughing at your comment. You rock.@Julie – Mom, you've raised me to be an open minded person, what can I say? :)@Natalie – what are the benefits of hyponosis in regards to fertility? I've never heard anything about it…

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