FC Days 22-30

The 30 Day Fitness Challenge has come to a close for me…thank to Jenn for the inspiration to get myself recommitted to working out on a daily basis!

I gained weight this week according to the scale (back at 158#), but I’m trying to remind myself that my weight easily fluctuates a few pounds up and down daily, so I quite possibly will weigh less tomorrow…and if I make smart food & exercise choices, I will weigh less eventually. 🙂

Another happy realization for me is that in the last month, I have gotten to the point that I’m now vacillating in the 150s instead of the 160s. That is a HUGE psychological goal for me to never see a 160+ number on the scale!

Food This Past Week: (goal was 1400cpd)
1680 Avg. CPD
High of 2084 / Low of 1329

I seem to have issues keeping at my calorie count goal. This week I’m going to make that a PRIORITY to really be mindful of my eating. As I’ve mentioned a gazillion times, I’m an emotional eater, but I CAN OVERCOME this.

With that said, last night I definitely had a hard time of it. On the way back from snowboarding with my friend M, the mountain pass was super snowy/icy…and unfortunately I lost control and crashed my car off the side of the road. On the up side, we jut hit the ditch and rock wall…that’s the up side, b/c the other side of the road was a drop off to the river below. See, a silver lining in everything! 😉 At any rate, it was super scary (though the car coming towards us was able to stop and the truck behind us had a tow rope and was able to get us out b/c the cops showed up – more positives) and when we got back to town we met up with our husbands and pounded a few beers together….out of relief, exhilaration, joy to be alive and be with good friends… all of it. It was totally worth a few hundred extra calories last night ( plus we got nearly 5 hours of amazing exercise in yesterday on a powder filled mountain!).

So sorry for all of the () and … and run on sentences, but there’s a quick synopsis of my story. 🙂

Workouts These Past 9 Days:
40 min. cardio: The Firm Ultimate Fat Burning Workout DVD
200 min. cardio: Snowboarding
40 min. cardio: The Firm Ultimate Fat Burning Workout DVD
20 min. cardio: elliptical
40 min. cardio: The Firm Ultimate Fat Burning Workout DVD
22 min. cardio: 30 Day Shred
45 min. cardio: 30 Day Shred & elliptical
20 min. cardio: running
20 min. cardio: running
250 min. cardio: snowboarding

I continue to feel great about my workouts. I’m seeing a chiropractor who is working on my knee issues, so I’m working on getting into that again. Snowboarding has been amazing, and it’s really showing me how much more FIT I am now. The last two times I’ve been up I’ve been riding with girlfriends who are much more slender and fit looking than me, but HOURS before I felt the burn, they were complaining about tired legs and lungs… made me feel good that obviously I’m getting into pretty good shape from these daily workouts!

As promised, here are my Measurement Changes in the last 30 Days:
Weight: Lost 2#
Right Bicep: Same
Bust: Lost .5″
Ribcage Under Bust: Lost .25″
Natural Waist: Lost 1.25″
Belly: Lost .5″
Fullest Part of Hips/Butt: Lost .75″
Right Thigh: Lost .25″
Right Calf: Lost .5″
So they are definitely slow changes…but all in the right direction!

I’m not sure if I’ll write in every week in the future, but I’ll keep updating the weight bar on the right, and maybe I’ll make a point of writing in once a month with an update… though I honestly hope that that belly number is going UP sometime in the near future, and not b/c of mac & cheese. 🙂


  1. I'm so proud of you! And so very grateful the wreck wasn't serious.I'm totally working out again too. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. I love this post. A few reasons why:You're okay!!!All of your cardio makes me realize that my list would not be nearly as impressive as yours.I love that you keep a weight bar and shared your measurement losses. Plus, you lost weight and inches everywhere!I love your last line. 🙂

  3. Phew – Daylight savings time is KICKING MY ASS so far. It's REALLY hard for me to drag my butt out of bed to work out in the mornings, but if I don't do it then, it just doesn't happen! Didn't work out Monday, but got on the elliptical this morning. Just gotta keep plugging away I guess… Thanks Pen – I pray for that last line every night. 🙂

  4. Proud of you girl!! Inspiring I say!

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