Cautious Jubilation

Nope… not preggo, I wish… BUT, the other big “project” we’ve been working on is buying a house, and it’s been a long, drawn out project (we put the offer in on Nov. 24th). It’s a short sale, which means we’ve offered less than the current owners, who are going into foreclosure, owe on the home. It gets complicated further by the fact that they had both a 1st and a 2nd mortgage on the home, so both lenders had to agree to take a loss. The reason they often agree to this is that it costs money to take a house through the foreclosure process, and sometimes taking a slight loss on a short sale actually costs the lender less in the long run.

At any rate, it’s the only damn way we can afford a house in this town, so we’re taking a shot at it!

On Wednesday I got a call that the 1st leinholder accepted our offer! We’re still only cautiously optimistc and not telling most peple because we don’t have an official acceptance letter from the junior leinholder in hand, but we are hoping and praying that this all works out, and we could be homeowners within the next 2-3 weeks!

After work that day (St. Patty’s day!) I called Charlie and told him to come home after work instead of going to the man hole to drink so that we could walk the dogs and enjoy the random day of springlike weather. I loaded up his BubbaKeg with 3 Budweisers & my coffee thermos with 2 Bud Lights (it’s a tradition on our summer walks!) and put the dogs on leashes so that right when he walked in the door we were ready to head out. I was so excited to tell him about the house that I couldn’t wait there another minute. šŸ™‚

I was absolutely dying to tell him when I got the phone call, but I really wanted to see his reaction in person so I worked up a plan. However, he called at 4:30 to see if I’d heard anything, so I had to lie and say no. Then the first person we saw on our walk was our neighbor, who also asked about it, so I had to lie and say no. Then we got to the street outside the house and the lady across the street called out “did you just buy that house?” and I said no… IT WAS KILLING ME INSIDE!
At any rate, as we walked by the house (which is only about 2 blocks from our current rental) I told him I wanted to look at it again. I have the keys for it since my office has it listed for sale, so I went in the front gate into the yard. He followed just behind me with Chief and immediately saw the dorky “Welcome Home My Love!!” sign that I’d put on the front door that afternon.
I expected an excited reaction, but all I got (pic1) was a groan and “c’mon jos, that’s ridiculous.”
He thought I was kidding!!
I just smiled at him, and he proceeded to say, “Yeah. Right.” (pic2)
… so I looked at him and with a huge smile on my face said finally replied, “Yeah! Right!”
That’s when he got all excited and said “really?!!!”

We proceeded to laugh and yell and I might’ve squealed in excitement…and he was even a good sport and stood by my dorky sign to take a picture.

…and then we took a picture together by the sign.
…and then we took a picture together in the back yard.
I really really really hope we get this house!!!!!!!!!


  1. Looks like a great place for raising kids to me! Fingers crossed!

  2. Jos, that's just beautiful. I hope you get it too!!And what a fun wife you are. You guys look really happy. šŸ™‚

  3. Aww, love the way you surprised him! Hope it all works out for you.

  4. I love it!! Great landscaping. Love the rustic fence. GOOD LUCK!

  5. Very cute!! Any word yet?!?!

  6. Ugh, still waiting on the junior lein holder. They're supposed to get back to us today – we'll see. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  7. Good luck, keep us posted. We bought our house almost two years ago now and it was such a rollercoaster ride. Find a house, get declined, Find a house, lose our loan, find a house, they won't get back to us, etc. etc. I feel your pain. The search can get so emotionally draining and then once you have it it's like HOLY SHIT I own this!!!

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