I’m an Aunt!!!!!

I am SO SO SO SO excited right now!!!

Last night my sis-n-law had a baby (not sure of details – hubby talked to his bro when he called at 3:30am and you know boys, details are irrevelent).  All I know is that it was sometime around 3am today, he was 8#6oz (HUGE for my very petite SIL), and it was really hard back labor. They ended up having to vacuum him out, but Mommy & baby are doing well. I can’t wait for pics & a name!
In the meantime, here’s a pic of Mommy & Sophie (back on March 7th). Isn’t this adorable? We are SO HAPPY FOR THEM!!!
**Just found out they’ve decided to name him Jonah!**

Check out more pics/info here!


  1. HOORAY!!!Yay for nephews! I'm hoping my sister gives me one of those soon.

  2. Aww congrats auntie!

  3. Congratulations again Auntie Josey! Jonah is a lucky boy!

  4. Jonah is the name of my nephew too! Small world. (sorry, catching up on my commenting while I eat this crap lean cuisine.)

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