TISW Check-In

Just a quick check-in since it’s Friday…it helps to keep myself accountable. 🙂

I lost 1.4# this week (back to my weight from 2 weeks ago), and it just occurred to me that I had my period last week and that’s quite possibly why my weight was fluctuated up a bit. At any rate, I’m back at my weight from two weeks ago, so that’s good!

Food The Past 5 Days: 1685 Avg. CPD

I’m okay with that number for now… I’ve decided that b/c I’m working out every day, maybe my body just needs that fuel right now. We’ll see how it goes “eating my exercise calories.” FYI, My Fitness Pal builds in a deficit of calories each day when it calculates how many I should eat that day, so if I eat the calories it tells me to, it still puts me at a 700 cal deficit each day.

Workouts These Past 5 Days:
250 min. cardio: Snowboarding
Skipped Monday – exhausted from stupid daylight savings time.
67 min. cardio: elliptical & 30 Day Shred
80 min. cardio: The Firm Ultimate Fat Burning Workout DVD & a walk with our dogs
45 min. cardio: 30 Day Shred & elliptical

All in all, it’s been a pretty good week!

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