TISW Check-In

Just a quick check-in since it’s Friday. I lost another 1.4# this week!

Food The Past Week: 1637 Avg. CPD

I tried something different this week – I tried to stay closer to the # that MyFitnessPal said I should be at for each day based on my exercise that day. I like the sweat/reward of it too – if I know I’m going to want a higher calorie dinner or drinks that night, I worked out more that morning… it’s a good yin/yang lesson on balance for a lifetime. 🙂 I felt better that I’ve been in the 1600 CPD range for weeks now instead of the 1400 I was shooting for, but based on how much I’m working out, it seems to be a good range for me for now for losing weight. I’m guessing that number will decrease as my weight drops, but for now I’m going to try to eat my exercise calories again this week and see how it goes! I’ve also been trying to up my intake of carbs and lower the protein/fat numbers. My acupuncturist said I eat too much animal protein (including dairy) and need more carbs and leafy greens… so I’m trying!

1780 (139 remaining)
2163 (4 remaining)
1336 (333 remaining)
1384 (16 remaining)
1455 (16 over)
1770 (250 over)
1568 (43 remaining)

Workouts This Past Week:

40 min. cardio: The Firm Ultimate Fat Burning Workout DVD
200 min. cardio: Snowboarding
120 min. cardio: Walking the dogs with Charlie around town.
22 min. cardio: 30 Day Shred
32 min. cardio: 30 Day Shred & walking around town.
30 min. cardio: elliptical
40 min. cardio: The Firm Ultimate Fat Burning Workout DVD

Feels good to be in a daily routine of being active… with hopefully nicer weather coming it won’t be too hard to stay motivated to keep it up!


  1. any authority figure who would tell me to eat MORE carbs is my new best friend.i'm just sayin'…nice work! you're kicking ass!

  2. And taking names.

  3. Thanks grumbles!I guess when you're working out a lot you need more carbs for that instant energy and burning… I dunno. I eat fairly low carb (except my beer *grin*) for no reason in particular other than I had to cut pasta out of my life for awhile b/c of having ZERO restraint with it! Now I'm a little better with it, so I'm trying to be more balanced about it I guess.

  4. I would pay someone to tell me it's okay to eat carbs. I would also marry them.Keep it up Supergirl!

  5. another 1.4 pounds lost…suh-weet!! Nice job! And I agree…if they tell you more carbs eat carbs – delicious!

  6. You can do it! I saw that you are trying to get preggo 🙂 I am sure you already have plenty of info. but as someone who has/had Stage 4 Endometriosis and was declared infertile and is now pregnant, I do have some great information. If you are interested I'm at beezus74@hotmail.comGood baby luck xox

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