TTC History

04/05 – Met DH
11/07 – He Proposed.
07/08 – We got married.
I wanted to start trying right away, but that freaked him out, so we waited. We compromised on the spring.
02/09 – DH lost his job. We freaked out about $$ and decided to put off the TTC until the summer.
06/09 – Friends who got married 1 week after us are preggo.
07/09 – 1 year anniversary. Had the TTC discussion and decided to give it a go! Naive. Think it will happen the first month (which is how most of my friends did it!).
08/09 – BIL and SIL who got married 20 days after us are preggo. I assume this is great – the cousins will be close in age!
09/09 – 8w cycle. Realizing something is wrong, but hoping it’s just my body getting rid of BC hormones.
11/09 – 7w cycle. Wasting oodles of money on pregnancy tests.
12/09 – BFF who got married a couple months after us tells us she is accidentally preggo. Hurting, but trying to be only happy for her.
12/09 – Start charting BBT, etc. Helps so much to know what’s going on, but realizing there’s no ovulation happening.
02/10 – First Doctor’s visit. I know it hasn’t been a year, but I see no reason to wait since I’m not ovulating – it’s not like we’re not timing the BMing right!
We do a ton of bloodwork on me and semen analysis on DH. Everything looks okay and I’m relieved.
The next week they do my ultrasound and the doc sees a ring of pearls. Looks like PCOS. Dammit.
03/10 – First round of Clomid (50mg) after provera to start my cycle. Last cycle was 118d.
04/10 – Still no AF. No BFP. Waiting, waiting…


  1. We also started TTC in July 09! And same sort of story–realized very quickly that my body wasn't where it should be, so jumped into the infertility world way earlier than most. Like you said, why wait a year to call ourselves officially infertile when I knew I wasn't ovulating?

  2. You take charge of that fertility girl and you show it who runs things around this place.P.S. My captcha for this comment is "surest" as in, "Will Josey get pregnant? She surest will."

  3. Hopes and prayers from MI!

  4. Stopping by from the Blog hop! I added your blog to my google reader!

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