TISW Check-In

Time for my weekly Friday check-in… I gained 1.4# this week. 🙁

Food & Workouts This Past Week:
Avg 1621 cal per day (the 5 days I tracked – actual average was much higher I’m sure)
Avg 60 min. cardio per day

2010 cal (340 over) 45 min. cardio: elliptical
(Didn’t track) 180 min. cardio: Snowboarding
(Didn’t track) 20 min. cardio: elliptical
1244 cal (367 remaining) 40 min. cardio: The Firm Ultimate Fat Burning Workout DVD
1571 cal (171 over) 22 min. cardio: 30 Day Shred
1374 cal (432 over) 25 min. cardio: elliptical & 35 min. cardio: The Firm
1906 cal (497 over) 20 min. cardio: elliptical

Obviously you can see the difference between the weeks where I track my calories and eat the proper amounts and the week I go off the deep end for 2 days and go over 4 of the 5 days I did track. Yikes.

No huge excuses; it was just the last weekend the mountain was open and we were partying and I wasn’t being mindful enough during the week. Time to buckle down again. I had a great workout this morning (30 min. on the elliptical and a 40 min. floor aerobics video) and I like when I can start the day off like that.


  1. I love that you hold yourself accountable, and let us do the same. It's really motivating. It is.

  2. I haven't been working out and I can tell 🙁 I also stopped the diet as I am celebrating my birthday the next couple weeks (yes weeks). It really does make a difference when you keep track of your calories…I like doing that because you see what you are really eating!

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