Worlds Colliding

You know, I spent some time on my account today, and it is SO INTERESTING to me to see who visits my site, how they got there, how long they were there for, how often they visit…etc.etc. The level of information available is pretty amazing. Thanks to Junket for the recommendation.

I linked to this page from my Twitter account just this past week knowing full well that would open it up to some people who know me in RL…but it’s pretty revealing to see who immediately jumped on that connection.


  1. go you!i used to be addicted to my stat counter, now i try to ignore it. it just makes me worry about who is on there for how long (in terms of people i know in real life, strangers i don't care about).especially since i opened it up on facebook, i don't like seeing who may or may not be doing some's REALLY interesting but in a weird stalkery way.

  2. Does it actually tell you WHO? I use Google Analytics, and it just tells what city people are visiting from – that's the highest level of detail I get when it comes to figuring out who's reading. Sometimes it's easy (oh, 1 reader in Lyon, France? That must be my friend who is studying abroad), sometimes not (oh, 30 readers in Berkeley? that could be anyone!).But I agree; I love analytics.

  3. If not for Stat Counter, I would never have known how many people find my blog by googling things like "nipple pinching" and "why do I black out when I drink jager". xo

  4. Yeah, there's a reason I won't link the blog to fb or twitter. Not willing to see those IP addresses pop up on my trackers.

  5. I am so not-techy!But I'm super intrigued by this! I'm going to need your help. 🙂

  6. I don't understand the words you are using, so I assume you are talking about something technology-related. Hahaha

  7. I do love the statcounter!!

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