CD39, with no end in sight…

February 2011… that’s the earlist due date (month) I could have at this point. It’s kind of depressing to think about…that’s a long freakin time away! I’m currently on CD39 with no ovulation or period in sight. 

Although I’m super excited for my trip to Norway next month to visit my little sis, it also coincided with the next possible ovulation time if I started the Provera this week to get my cycle going again, so we’re back to the waiting game. I’m going to refill my Provera prescription before I leave (assuming AF doesn’t come on her own) and start taking it during the trip. I’ll be gone for 12 days and it’s a 10 day prescription (AF came on day 9 last time), so timing wise, I’ll try to start my period right at the end of the trip…that will be a 70+ day cycle again!

On the up side, we’re going to hopefully close on the house on Monday (if not Monday, then Friday) and we’ll be spending April & May getting things cleaned & painted, walls torn out, etc. By the end of May, we should be moved into the new place!

Hm…for you IFers out there, do you think the “stress” of travel and moving would mess with my cycle? Should I wait to start the Provera until I get back so that my period is starting closer to June 1st when life is settling down a bit?

Decision decisions… I just have zero patience in this matter, but I really need to find some because it’s just depressing me otherwise. 🙁

ps. thanks to my stupid numbers brain, i just realized that if we’d have conceived on our first cycle of trying, I’d be due right about now. FML.


  1. Josey,You and I are like two days apart on our cycle. I think today is 42 or 43, I would have to consult my chart. For me I am most relaxed on vacation. So I would think that would be a good time to start up the Provera as you had planned, assuming that your lady business doesn't show up before that. Definitely moving and closing on a house is stressful business. So that could be the cause that things are moving along as you were hoping. You'll get through this. We're both going to have to be super patient. When did you first get of B.C.? Like you, I have the grey days where I am just so impatient I could scream, but I am working on finding that peaceful place where I just think excited thoughts and appreciate the time I have with the hubs before we add a little noise-maker to the mix. You'll get there…..we'll get there. Hopefully soon. But try to stay positive and just focus on the moment for now. Try not to count and plan. As you and I know, this is going to be how we plan it. hahaha.

  2. eerrr rather "this is NOT going to be how we plan it". Doh! hahaha

  3. Thanks Natalie. I remember thinking that we were really close in cycles. How I wish I had a "normal" 28 day cycle. Never thought I'd say that I wished I had my period more often!! I got off b.c. in July, so we've technically only been "trying" for 9 months, though with the amennorea, the doc said I'm basically struggling with IF without the "official" diagnosis that comes with the 1 year mark. How I wish I don't hit that mark…

  4. BTW, I'm only on my 4th cycle in 9 months, and the present one was caused by Provera or I'd probably still be on my 3rd!

  5. First of all…congrats on the house! Can't wait to see pics; are you doing a major overhaul on it?I'd say go ahead and start the Provera towards the end of your trip. By the time you get back will there be much time left before moving into your new house? I'd get a jumpstart on your cycle while you are gone so within a week of coming home it's time to get busy! :)P.S. Have you taken a pregnancy test??

  6. Steph – we're getting that $8k first time homebuyers tax credit, so part of that will go towards redoing the kitchen. We already bought appliances from my girlfriend who just lost her house to foreclosure and since my hubby is in construction, we're working on hookups to get deals on cabinets/counters/flooring… plus we're tearing out the wall between the kitchen and living/dining area. That will be the 1st major project! …and no, I haven't taken a pregnancy test, but with my temps where they are, there's just no way. Now you have me thinking though…. maybe I'll POAS tomorrow, just cuz I want to waste some money. 🙂

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