The Junket made me do it…

By the request of Junket, I am playing along with this total beauty makeover game on the Lifetime website. Complete silliness…enjoy.  🙂

Here’s what I actually look like today…
…and here are a few different hair styles I could try…
LOL… um, yeah… not sure that I’d be sold on any of them. I should have included a few of the “short” styles – my Husband and I were cracking up at what I looked like with short hair. Definitely not my best look. 🙂
I’m actually getting my hair cut & colored on Tuesday – I’ll try to remember to post a picture of whatever new look I go with!!


  1. I LOVE IT!!! Aside from the fact that I really need a life, I thought that was kind of fun. I'm going with what I would call number 5…the blonde one next to the brunette. I think you make a saucy redhead too!!!

  2. i love the red head one LOL found you from 5 halos and just visiting,I am from wasabi mommy

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