Long Term Fitness Goals

I decided to put these out there to keep myself accountable. Too much cheese & beer lately, and it’s showing in my weight loss nonprogress. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not cutting out beer completely (until I’m preggo pleaseGodpleasesoon) but I need to stick to my calorie #s better than I have been, and if I go over, WORK OUT AGAIN. I’m also recommitting myself to drinking two glasses of water before every meal. I’ve been sorely lacking in this area lately, and both for weight loss purposes and CM reasons (negative side effect of Clomid) I need to up my water intake!

In October 2009 I hit my highest weight ever (172# – 5’8″), and I’d like to lose 30# to get back to a healthy weight of 142#!

Long Term Goals – Started at 172#
#1: 165 by Thanksgiving – *at 166.4*
#2: 163 by 12/10/09 – Trip to MN to visit college friends! *at 163.4*
#3: 160 by 12/24/09 – *at 162 – met on 1/15/10 (159.8)*
#4: 157 by 01/20/10 – *at 162 again*
#5: 155 by 02/12/10 – *at160* REVISING GOALS
#1: 157 by 02/26/10 – met 03/05/10 (156.6)
#2: 155 by 03/12/10 – met 03/26/10 (155.2)
#3: 150 by 04/02/10 – at 153.6
#4: 147 by 04/16/10 – Back at 155. UGH. REVISING GOALS
#1: 153 by 04/30/10
#2: 152 by 05/08/10 (headed to Norway!)
#3: 151 by 05/21/10 (back from Norway)
#4: 150 by 06/01/10 – Moving into our new house!
#5: 145 by 06/26/10 – 10 Year High School Reunion!
#6: 142 by 07/19/10 – Our 2 year wedding anniversary!


So there ya go – I need to STICK TO IT (and I’m going to pour myself another glass of water right now!).

Also, I got my hair cut & colored for the first time in AGES last night. It’s kind of hard to tell the difference in these photos, but it was pretty much just mousey brown from 9 months of nothingness, and I finally decided enough was enough! I didn’t want to go drastic this time b/c I don’t want the upkeep, so she just did blonde highlights and a trim that would grow out nicely until I get around to going in again. Left is on my way home last night – I was STOKED that the hairstylist (first time I’ve gone to her) actually styled my hair the way I would and I didn’t walk out looking like a 1990 Texas pageant queen. The 2nd picture is outside in the sun today, trying to show you what it looks like in the sun. As you can see, it’s a frickin’ windy day out today!!


  1. You're gorgeous and have gorgeous hair, by the way. I would never guess from your pictures that you felt the need to lose weight. But good job on setting those goals, and best of luck at sticking to them!

  2. Thanks Ceejay. You see, in these pics, I've already lost 17#. Last fall I finally made a change b/c even my FACE looked wider & it made me finally honestly look at the rest of my body. I have no desire to be a size 6 (just wouldn't happen on my frame anyway!) but I would like to be a healthy 8/10 instead of a complacent 10/12 and depressed 12/14!Also, the thought of gaining 30# on an already overweight frame scared the shit out of me. 🙂

  3. Good luck with your goals! I am doing the same thing right now. Trying to get from 150 back to 138 maybe even 135 in the next couple months. Maybe we can keep each other on track…I joined weightwatchers for 3 months just to try and regulate what and how much I eat. Also doing yoga which is supposed to help fertility and feels amazing!Your hair looks great btw!

  4. Pretty day.I'm commented out today.

  5. You are so pretty!!! I completely hear ya on the weight loss goals-I am right there with you. I am not giving up beer either just yet but would so like to drop 15-20 lbs by the time we finally get preg. SO great that you liked all your clothes and have fun in Norway!

  6. Love the hair, very cute!I think I need to do this, resetting my goals. I originally wanted to lose 50 pounds by my 30th and I lost 40. Which is still great, but I could have done the other 10 had I not slacked off the entire month of April….bad habits. So starting May I need to reevaluate my goals for the next few months. I really would like to lose 30 more lbs by the end of August.

  7. Love it! Also love the fact you're wearing a Bob Dylan t-shirt. I am listening to Jakob Dylan as we speak.

  8. Love the new 'do, and I agree with the other commenters, you're so pretty!! 🙂

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