TISW Check-In

Just a quick check-in since I didn’t get around to it last week. Work is crazy, and I’m taking off early this afternoon to go pick out cabinets for our new house (yay!) before I drive to Denver for my eye checkup (I had PRK surgery done and have to get annual exams now from the clinic up there). Pray for good roads – we woke up to a foot of snow this morning, and it looks like more on the way. Ugh, I’m SO OVER WINTER!

At any rate…

GOOD NEWS: I worked out 6 days this past week and averaged 40 min/day.

BAD NEWS: I went about 1750 over my “allowed” calories this past week according to MyFitnessPal. (avg. 250 over/day…crazy how fast those calories add up)

It makes sense that I lost .8# this past week. (Down to 154.2#) MyFitnessPal is set up to have me lose 1.4#/week if I follow their guidelines…well, 1750 cal is about 1/2#… and there’s the difference.
A(eat right)+B(exercise)=C(weight loss)…yeah yeah yeah. I’m working on it. 🙂

We’re slowing getting through the groceries we had in the house, and I’m going to try to start more and more following a set food eating schedule for awhile. I packed sandwiches and Cuties for my drive tonight and tomorrow morning – no stopping at convenience stores for cheesy puffs (my weakness!).
Tomorrow I’m doing a Yoga class with my old roommate that I’m staying with. I’m SUPER excited, b/c I’ve tried one yoga class in my life and hated it, but it was more the teacher, not the class, that I disliked. My friend swears by yoga, and at 33 yrs old, she’s in probably the best shape of her life from yoga and such. I’ve just heard so much about the benefits of yoga – I’m excited to try something new. Here was what she wrote me about the classes:

We can hit any class really. But I like the C2s and C3s the best (Core 2 & 3–not that complicated:) they are the hardest and most physically challenging for me, but also most emotional, which I also crave. 5:30. I think there is a sculpt class at 1:30–yoga with weights…it’s killer hard.

I think either one will be great!


  1. I'm so proud of you! I'm so lame about working out. Your dedication is AWESOME and you are INCREDIBLE, keep it up!!

  2. You must have a core power studio near you!! 🙂 They have them in MN too and they're the best. If you haven't done much yoga though, start with a C1 and then join your friend in the C2s otherwise you're going to pass out! 🙂

  3. Cuties are awesome. I recently became addicted to them. Good for you for sticking with your work out routine. I hope one day I can too. Hope the roads are clear for you!

  4. Working out 6 days in a week is great!!!! Hope that you enjoy the yoga, I really need to get back into practicing it daily. I was much more balanced and in better shape when I did it regularly.

  5. @Katie – um, yeah, we did the c2 class. HARD AS HELL, but fun. It was SO hot though…omg… @Niki – the roads ended up being AWFUL on Friday. 🙁 5 hour drive turned into 8 hours. I went 5 miles in 2.5 hours on Vail pass. Ick!

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