The List…Plus 1

Two weekends ago I was up in Fort Collins visiting my old roommate, and we ended up in a deep conversation about our Lists. She and I lived together about five years ago when we were both in crazy party mode, and The List was often a serious discussion in our household at 2am.

Biscuit just posted her List this week (complete with rules) and since I’ve now seriously thought about this twice in the last two weeks, it’s time to put my list out there!

In no particular order…

Matthew Maconahay
(He is a huge reason for me LOVING How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. This man is DELICIOUS.)
Jude Law
Alfie… need I say more? Apparently I like a lot of questionable movies because of hot men.
Gerard Butler
I love men with accents. LOVE them. Also, P.S. I Love You made me BAWL.

Hugh Jackman

Van Helsing…yummy. Speaking of that movie, can I put Kate Beckinsale on my list too? Pretty pretty please? She’s my #1 on the female side.
George Clooney
The man is beautiful. He ages well, he’s adorable in movies, I just want to cuddle with him all night.

And finally, per the rules of the Biz, my alternate:

David Beckham
…though now that I think about it, I don’t want this man on my alternate list, but I’m not sure who to cut out of my Top 5. I mean, WOW, that body. WOW.
The only reason Brad Pitt didn’t make The List is that he looks too much like my Dad and that’s creepy!
Thanks for a wonderful distraction this afternoon Biz…though it’s definitely making it hard to get anything accomplished today!! šŸ™‚


  1. GOD, WHY do i keep sleeping on the standards?! Jackman, and McConaHEYYYYYYY. I guess I have 5 years to think about that stupid oversight eh?Good list Jos! Gerard Butler, nice!

  2. accents. holy god, i love accents.i think McConaHEEEEEEEEY might be on my alternates list. he looks stinky, but i think i could deal with it.

  3. Hahaha. I love grumbles comment about how McConaHEEEEEEY looks stinky. This is a good list. Have no fear Biscuit, I am sure in 5 years one of them will have slipped down off your top five list. Although by then there will be a whole new group of hottie's to choose from, life is so hard. That is why I never set rules or numbers on my list. And I haven't strictly outlined it for hubs. I am thinking this gives me a good loophole. "Don't you remember me telling you he was on my list honey?". Of course we're assuming that if I ever casually ran into a famous hottie that I could form words at all. I would probably just stare and grunt. I don't have a chance.

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