One of these things is not like the other one…

You want to be let in on a crazy little fear of mine?

I’m afraid of being the “other” girl. The odd one. The different one.

In this case, I’m afraid that my online persona might be different than my real life persona… and when I meet my virtual #BBS girls “IRL” – that I might be nothing like what they thought I’d be like…and that maybe they won’t like me as much as they thought they would.

Realistically, I know this is stilly. We are all very different people. We range in age from 25-35. Some are married, some are not. Some have kids, some do not. We have completely different jobs. Completely different writing styles. Completely different lives. Hell, we live everywhere from the west coast to east coast.

Of course we’re going to be different.

BUT, I’m not in the least bit concerned that I won’t love every single one of them at first hug, and I’m not a person who struggles with self-confidence issues normally.

So why am I so petrified?

When I started this semi-anonymous blog, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever tell people who I “really was.” Then, just a few weeks into it, Bradshaw & I had one of those “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” moments and email addresses were exchanged. Then phone numbers. Then an actual phone call (scary, but awesome!). Slowly but surely we added in Junket (the real reason Bradshaw and I had ever followed each other)…then Biz, Pen, and Jamie…and with each girl who opened herself up to the very real life fear of sharing serious information (phone numbers, emails, mailing addresses, etc), the friendship between us grew because the trust level was growing.
I’m been thinking about this a lot lately, and I think I’m so afraid(?)/nervous(?) because these women (Biz, Bradshaw, Junket, Pen, and Jamie) came into my life at such an important time…and in turn, have become so important to me that it is hugely important to me that these women remain forever a part of my life. They are my support. They are my ladies that I can email/tweet/text/call, and at the drop of a hat, they would all there to rejoice with me or cry with me, and I would do the same for them. I like that. I like them.

So here’s the deal #BBS Ladies – could ya please pinkie swear that you’ll at least pretend ya like me when we meet IRL? It’d go a long ways towards helping me sleep though the night until September. #Thankyouohsoverymuch  ((HUGS))


  1. promise. i can only speak for myself but i know i have the same exact fear. what if you don't like me in real life? i can be quiet, especially if i'm not drinking. will i just fade into the background of this vibrant group? and i still feel new, do i really belong here? am i just butting in on your friendship club? what if some of us get along better than others? what if we love each other so desperately we don't want to leave?have no fear, we are here for you up and down and every-which way, no strings attached.

  2. OMG OMG OMG OMG I WAS JUST THINKING THIS THE OTHER NIGHT, like, hard core,"wahhh, they are so not going to like me in real life."And James, you are not butting in, you were folded in seamlessly and add an incredible dimension to the group. A group I myself joined mere WEEKS before we sucked you in. I feel like we're Jehovah's Witnesses or something, recruiting unsuspecting bloggers into our sick world.Josey, I can't wait to meet your crazy ass in real life!

  3. Jamie, you are silly. You brought in a dimension that was so totally necessary. It just WORKS. You're like the 13th look that Heidi and Tim always spring on the Project Runway finalists that just completes the collection. That's how important you are.Biz, Jehovah's Witnesses? Try Scientologists. You can't get out without like a body cleansing or something.Jos, I would sign a blood oath for you if it would make you feel better. Believe that.Timing really was everything. The first BBS was the first weekend I met ex-boy. And I've told you guys more than I've told my real life (REAL LIFE) friends about the demise of the aforementioned situation. There is no doubt in my mind (or in Junket's, since she said so when she called (!!!) on Sunday), that these friendships will be lifetime long, no matter what, forever and ever, amen.Can I get a hallelujah?!?!

  4. Hallelujah!!!Hubby just told me that he talked to Biscuit and Grumbles the other night – so freakin' funny. :)Love you guys.

  5. I've been charting for a long time and my guess would be you ovulated between 50 and 53. And had a short LP. I have a short LP issue and what works best for me is an hcg booster on about 4-5 DPO. Works like a dream, perfect 13-14 day LP's and easier then the cream or pills.

  6. N- thanks for the advice. I was thinking I ovulated CD50 and Fetility Friend said CD53, so I definitely agree with you! When I get back to the states (I'm in Norway on vacation right now) I'll be on CD13, so I might call my doc asap and try to get an HCG booster scheduled… we'll see if they'll do that for me without another appointment!

  7. AWWWWWW! I don't think you have anything to worry about. When I read your posts I can tell that it's completely honest and that you are exactly as you seem to be online. I'm sure that the BBS girls will LOVE you in person! I hope you're having a fabulous time in Norway!

  8. Promise!!Girl, I'm going to love you even more in RL.I've had these exact same thoughts: what if I'm not what they expect? What if they think I'm funny over chat, but don't laugh in RL?! I think the six of us together will be pureawesomeness.

  9. I've thought about that too. (As you know, because we've talked about it) but honestly, I don't think it will happen. I think we'll like each other even more when we meet up. I really can't picture it being any other way.Also, James….I second and third and fourth what everyone above me said!

  10. Oh of course you will all like each other. You're all awesome ladies and I am certain you will feel the same when you see each other in person. Silly girls! Although it is cute that you all feel the same way.

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