Cycle 2 (100mg Clomid) Update – CD14

Well, my last post about cycle #1 (50mg Clomid) was written before I left for Norway, and then those last few hours I ended up being on a rollercoaster of emotion… hoping & praying that THIS was the cycle…and then thinking that even if I didn’t get the BFP I want so badly, hoping & praying that at least my body finally figured out how to ovulate on this important day.

Since I didn’t get blood work done this cycle, I can’t be 100% positive, but I’m pretty dang sure that I ovulated last cycle (yay!) and my body definitely started a new cycle on its own (double yay!). That gives me a 60 day cycle on our first try with Clomid… not too bad, considering my last cycle was 118 days (double that!) and only ended b/c of Provera. I’m slightly concerned about the short Luteal Phase (the time from the day you ovulate to when your next period starts – it should be 13-14 days, but mine was 8-11, depending on what day I ovulated). However, I think I’m just going to relax this cycle and see what happens. I’m already on CD14…highly doubtful that I would ovulate this early in the cycle since I have such long cycles, but just to be sure, we started the baby making routine last night when I returned from Norway. Gotta do our part to make sure we take advantage of every opportunity! 🙂

Not much more to update, but I’m excited to be in another cycle already! I did my best to temp religiously while in Norway, even though I didn’t have an alarm clock and we were travling a lot. I missed one day, and the day I flew over and the day I flew home I couldn’t temp (no “quality sleep” when you’re on transatlantic flights!)…but so far, my temps are staying nice and low, and I’m just praying for an ovulation spike again this cycle. Maybe the 100mg will do it for us!


  1. 118 days?! holy crap…I don't know how you stand it, I'm so glad it was cut in half! Good luck this cycle, I really hope you get a BFP!!

  2. That's awesome that the Clomid seemed to work for you! Your hubby probably feels like he hit the jackpot if your cycle lasts another 60 days and you're BD every other day!

  3. This is exciting news! Just so you know, you are the ONLY person I know that wouldn't make me cry if they got pregnant. Well…tears of joy maybe.

  4. It's awesome your body started a cycle on its own. I hope that is a good sign. As far as LP goes I read anywhere from 10-14 is normal so hopefully 8 isn't terrible. You temping in Norway gave me inspiration to temp in Vegas when I go in a couple of weeks. I hope your cycles start getting shorter and shorter.

  5. Dude, I'd cry if you got preggers, but with happiness of course!! Fingers crossed, my friend.

  6. It's funny how our underlying issues are different (PCOS vs. HA) but the way they work themselves out are so similar–excruciatingly long cycles with iffy LPs. I can totally feel your pain on everything!But it seems like if you ovulated on 50mg of clomid, 100mg should give you an even better result. Here's hoping!

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