A Peaceful Friday

I woke up at 4am again today and was laying in bed thinking of everything we have left to do on the house…and suddenly I realized that it’s pretty darn nice to not be stressing about a baby right now as we spend every waking moment working on the home.

This morning I thought to myself “I’m okay with not being pregnant yet.” That’s the first time I’ve been able to say that since this whole journey began. Don’t get me wrong, I want to that BFP with all my heart, but I think that between my cycles getting shorter and the knowledge that I’m doing everything I can to make this happen and that things are moving in the right direction…I guess I’m just more at peace with the process…at least for today. 🙂

That’s a good feeling.

Days and days later, I just realized that this was my 100th post. I like that it was a happy one.


  1. It's crazy how we are feeling the same things! After I made my specialist appointment, knowing we are moving in the right direction, made me feel so much better. And I am having so much fun doing pictures now, it is helping keep my mind off my body for a bit 🙂 Maybe we will have the same luck as your friend and this is when it will happen since we are occupied with other things for once. Have a good weekend!!

  2. Peace = bueno.

  3. Finding that kind of peace is not very easy, nor is it very common. But it's such an amazing feeling, and I'm so glad you found it too.

  4. I love that we're almost at the same point in this journey together! Ever since my diagnosis in January, I've been telling myself it's okay, I can wait! Of course, I want to be pregnant so badly! But, I'm okay with waiting. Some days are better, some days it's bad, but my positive thing is that I have a trip to Hawaii planned in October, and I will get to do a whole lot more if I'm not pregnant! Haha! I know you probably have this in a blog somewhere, I just didn't see it on the side and figured I could just ask – what sort of treatment are you on? Are you taking Clomid? Metformin? Are you having to lose weight?

  5. @Leah – I'm on my 2nd cycle of Clomid, and I've been working on the weight loss thing since October. If you scroll down my side bar you'll see the weight loss stuff…and up top click on TTC History to see what we're doing to try to conceive. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Ditto Bradshaw 🙂

  7. GIRL YOU LOOK GOOD! You should be very proud of what you have accomplished so far and I commend you for finding new ways to motivate yourself!GOOD WORK!!!

  8. Finding that peace is awesome, I am glad you are finding that!I have been trying to find that peace and it seems like some days I have it and other days it is harder to find. P.S. We need pics of the house when you have a chance!!

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