PU/SU/SQ Challenge – Wk 1 Day 1

I’m going to copy/paste the check-in email I sent the group that Bradshaw put together. Here goes nothing!


Good morning!

My arms & legs are shaking like jello right now, but it’s a great feeling! šŸ™‚

I started on week 3 for all three programs (push-ups, sit-ups, & squats). It took me about 30 minutes total.

I did 72 total push-ups (17 max).
I did 170 total sit-ups (80 max).
I did 181 total squats (100 max).

Push-ups are for sure going to be the hardest thing for me. Yikes! I’ve been working on losing weight for about 6 1/2 months & have lost 18.6# so far, but I still have a ways to go (11.4#) before I hit my goal weight. This is a great mix-up to my routine & a reminder of the importance of strength training for both toning & endurance – thanks, [Bradshaw]!!
**EDIT at 4pm – I just realized I neglected to include that my intial test numbers from last Friday (used to determine where in the program I started) were:
Push-ups – 21
Sit-ups – 60
Squats – 100

FYI, If anyone else is interesting in doing this program, you can find details here:

You can see why I need to do some sit-ups!

My arms are getting strong, but definitely still flabby.
Thighs touching = not a good thing.
These pictures kind of scared me this morning (especially thinking what I must have looked like 6 months ago!), but it’s good motivation to keep working on this weight loss journey to get back to a weight where I feel HOT!


  1. I took pictures JUST LIKE THIS. But I'm all in my skivvies, and I figured I'd just keep them under wraps and then BLOW EVERYONE AWAY in six weeks. Yeah. Bitches won't know what hit em.

  2. LOL, sounds like a plan! I debated posting my (FRICKIN' SCARY) but figured it would keep me motivated!!

  3. Ooh, good call. I'll take pics too. I'm starting AFTER work, and the emails you guys sent have me scared shitless! Haha.

  4. First, bravo to you for posting pics…I would never but have some for me to keep as a reference. Second, I think you look awesome!Third, I think I will give this a try. I am starting a walking thing with some small things like pilates and squats mixed in….this would be perfect!

  5. Old post, but I’m glad I found it. I need to do this for my trip to CO in 5 weeks. Thanks for the link!!!

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