Have you supported a friend today?

Do you ever feel like your internet friends are more there for you than your “real life” friends?

I was thinking about this again last night (for the 1000th time since starting this blog and finding all of you amazing people who encourage me and support me!) and it struck me that it’s my internet friends have been bugging me for pictures of the house, updates on my weightloss & fertility issues, etc… but from my “friends” who live down the street – not a peep.
As a caveat, I do have two new girlfriends that I’ve been hanging out with recently (though they’ve both been out of town for most of the last month), and I really hope these girls and their significant others end up being great couple friends of ours.

However, of my long-time so-called “good” girlfriends that live in the area…not one of them has bothered to stop by the new house to check it out (keep in mind I live in a tiny town of under 1000 people – so it would literally be maximum five blocks out of their way). I mean, it was a huge step for us to buy a house. Huge. We’ve been putting in countless hours of work on it every single night. It’s not like these girls don’t know where I’m at. Our guy friends have all stopped by multiple times to check it out throughout the whole remodel process – they’ve even helped us move! It makes us feel good that the guys are excited for us & want to see our new little home. I just wish my girlfriends would bother to do the same.
Maybe I shouldn’t care about the girls not stopping by. Maybe they just don’t give a crap about houses and remodeling. Even so, I wish they did…if for no reason other than to support a friend.
Thank god for my internet peeps – I’d be lost without you!


  1. i feel you. lots of people have never seen our house we bought 2+ years ago or met our nine month old baby. it makes a pretty clear statement about how important you are and where their priorities lie.

  2. I can't even comprehend how people couldn't make the effort to meet the Jude. Craziness! I can't wait to meet him (& Jon). I drove an extra 600 miles during my last MN weekend trip to meet my new nephew and my college BFF's new baby. That shit is important!

  3. I, for one, couldn't be happier that you are back in the GODDAM U S of A so I can get my daily dose of Josey.The world was a quiet place with you gone. Hell, I even bugged CHARLES! one night just to get my Josey-sh fix. 😉

  4. I often feel like you–like the guy friends in our life so often seem to be the ones reaching out instead of their wives! Which then makes me think about how much more gregarious and outgoing my husband is than me… But I try to keep in mind that people who have never been through significant hardship don't really know how much it means when they reach out, even in small ways. I know I have often been really bad at making the effort with my friends. Something that I'm now definitely working on changing.And in all fairness, it is a lot quicker to stop by and comment on a blog than to make a trip out of the house to see someone in real life. Virtual relationships are just less complicated.

  5. Three words.Bitches be triflin.Three more.I LOVE YOU!!!

  6. lovelovelove you!It's so awesome to count on each other and be excited for each other 🙂 I'm grateful for you guys!xo

  7. @Ceejay – thank you for your thoughtful words. That's a good point that people who haven't been through it don't know how much the support means. I'm still working on reaching out to others as well…sometimes I just get tired of the one always doing the reaching. @BBS girls – love you all.

  8. I have a feeling we'll all be in your house causing trouble one day. Poor, poor Charles.

  9. To be honest it shouldn't matter if your friends don't care about remodeling, you do. Thats all that matters. I had friends like that too. I try to keep supportive people in my life, and weed out the others.

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