Hidden Piercings

From Texts From Last Night

I didnt realize my nipple ring fell out until he coughed it up.

I about fell off my chair laughing at this one!! I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it on this blog, but I had nipple rings…well, for about two years I think? I only took them out because they were just so obvious beneath the strapless dress I wore for a very conservative friend’s wedding, so it seemed like it was time. Sometimes I miss them, though my husband does not. How did I marry a man who doesn’t like piercings?

Have any of you ever pierced/tattood something that most of the world couldn’t normally see?


  1. I don't personally, but my husband has his pierced and they have grown on me over the years. I can't imagine him without them. Funny story – he lost one when we first started dating and my mom and I went to buy him replacements! He also had his tongue pierced years ago and can still put things (like paper clips – smart guy) through it.

  2. I haven't personally, but have come in contact with a guy who had not only the PA, but a ladder down his shaft as well. Actually, two guys I know had this, but I only saw one of them. Hmmmm.I still love that you had your nipples pierced. You know, if you still had it done when I met you, I'd make you show me. You know that right?

  3. that surprised me for some reason. SECRET SASSY!no hidden piercings here, but hidden tattoos? mucho.

  4. Really?!? Haha. You're awesome.

  5. @Steph – I was going to get my tongue pierced in college but my BFF went first and the piercer dropped the barbell on the floor and I had to hold the clamp holding her tongue out of her mouth with a needle through it while he got a sanitary one…and that scared me so badly that I wussed out! LOL@Bradshaw – I've never seen a PA…would be curious to, but at this point in my life, it's doubtful I will! And yes, of course I'd have shown you. Y'all will see when we meet in RL that I'm not a shy person whatsoever. :)Grumbles – how many tattoos do you have?

  6. You guys will just have to call me "the vanilla one". No piercings, no tattoos, no proof of rebellion. Vanilla.

  7. I had my tongue pierced for two years. I also have 4 tattoos and the one on my hip is only visisble in a bathing suite. To be honest my nipples are way too sensitive. I freak out if Josh gets anywhere near them. This in turn makes me fear breastfeeding when I become knocked up. TMI maybe, but its the truth!

  8. When I was 18 I pierced my tongue. It lasted for about 2 years – I took it out and gave it to my Mom for mother's day. She was THRILLED. And, I have just one incredibly faded tattoo that is only about 3 years old. It makes me angry.I also pierced my nose after college and shortly thereafter found myself job-hunting… it didn't last too long.

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