PU/SU/SQ Challenge – Wk 1 Day 2

Good morning!

Well, this workout plan I’m doing with Bradshaw and a few others is based around six weeks of exercise, three times a week, with the goal of getting you to the level where you can do 100 consecutive push ups, 200 sit ups, and 200 squats.. I’m doing M/W/F workouts, so that’s when these check-in posts will be.

Each workout is 5 sets of reps with 60 seconds rest in between… for example, today the schedule told me I had to do 14 pushups, rest, 19, rest, 14, rest, 14, rest, and then max myself out (at least 19).

Today my numbers were as follows:

Push-ups: 80 total (19 max)…I BARELY eeked out what I was supposed to do. I have a feeling I will most definitely be repeating this week 3 workout next week.

Sit-ups: 199 total (85 max)…These were pretty easy for me Monday…NOT so today. My upper abs hurt, yes, but also my lower ones. Not sure if that’s from these sit-ups or from the core work during the push-ups. Either way…it’s working out something. šŸ™‚

Squats: 173 total (70 max)… I was sore for these, but it actually felt good to stretch out those muscles again. My max number was lower, but I think that’s cuz I pushed myself all out on Monday so it was pretty painful today. Live and learn!

So there’s my check-in for the day. Remember, if you want to join in, just click on the links below and follow their plan based on your level each week!



  1. Girl, you won't be repeating week 3. You still move on to week 4. Then repeat that one if necessary.

  2. Ha – but if i can't complete the Day 3 reps, I'll be repeating Week 3. No need to move on if I can't do the reps well at this level!

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