Women Know Best

I don’t know about any of you ladies, but I, personally, have never cared if my doc was a male or female. In all reality, I think I’ve gone to males 99% of the time, so I guess I just never knew it any other way.

At any rate, there’s a new Nurse Practitioner in town. Her name is Josephine (just like me!) and she knows a lot about both western and eastern medicine, which I really like. Because of a recommendation from my super sweet tree-huggy neighbor, I went to her today for my annual exam instead of to my usual guy.

I am so happy I did.

I explained what’s going on with my IF issues and she had a lot of recommendations and ideas and knew the best local acupuncturist to see who has helped a lot of women restore ovulation, etc. etc… she then did my full physical and talked to me the entire time about what she was seeing and hearing (clean bill of health, y’all!) and when she did my pelvic exam for the PAP, she said, “well, your left ovary is tender and there is a ton of cervical mucus right now and your cervix is low and open, so you’d better be planning a romantic evening with your husband to have tons of sex tonight.”

I shit you not, she said exactly that. It. Was. Awesome.

Not to mention, open cervix + cervical mucus = freakin’ awesome.

Sorry if that’s TMI for some of you, but it’s pretty exciting for me. šŸ™‚


  1. Glad to hear you had such a positive experience with your new doc. It's always nice when you can connect with your doctor on another level.In the past I always went to Female doctors because I preferred that "my mechanic own their own vehicle" if you know what I mean. But my first RE was a man and I noticed that he and a couple of the other Male RE's that where on-call where much more gentle with my lady parts than any of the female doctors I'd had. Although I did find that I had an easier time connecting and opening up to the female docs as well.

  2. oh my godi hope youre doing it, like, right now. Fuck moving. Get a baby up in you s'evenin.

  3. Ok, #1: That is AWESOME news!!! Sexytime tonighhht!#2: I too had seen primarily male doctors (for both general and OB/GYN), and never thought much of it. And then I met Jen (clouds part, angels sigh). My old gyno (a male, who was really great actually) was not covered on my new healthcare plan, so I sadly signed up to see someone new (another dude). On the day of my appointment, I was assigned to Jen, one of his fellow doctors (there are a couple in his office/practice), and seriously, my life was changed. (maybe TMI Warning) It's one thing to have a doctor who knows what a yeast infection is. It's another thing to have a doctor who has suffered through them before. As I said to her, "It's so nice to have a doctor who knows about ladythings firsthand!!"She agreed, and we laughed about my crazy, oversharey, so-happy-to-have-met-her emotions. I am just seriously glad my gyno can relate personally. Knowing she can probably relate makes calling her to talk about my ladybits so much more relaxing.Melissa G, I love your mechanic-owning-the-car analogy šŸ™‚

  4. bow chica wow wow… Sounds like a great visit!!!

  5. That's so great! I need a doctor like that. And I think it's a great idea for you to try acupuncture, if you can :). Enjoy the action!

  6. GO. DO. IT.That's awesome that you had such a great experience. I've never gone to a male lady-parts doctor so I don't have much to compare it to. But I did find one super hippy-dippy doctor when I was pregnant that I just LOVED and it makes such a difference.Not TMI, love the updates. Facts are facts, sista.

  7. Yes. Great news. I hope you went home and got it on. Got my fingers crossed!

  8. GO GIRL! My Fingers are crossed for you…..even though that does sound a little weird to me. My fingers are crossed that you are busy having lots of sex. hilarious! hehehe

  9. Hehe that is awesome news!! šŸ™‚

  10. I am SO doing a happy dance right now!!(Belatedly, I know. But I'm still dancin'!)

  11. I'm late to the party AGAIN. Oh well, I'm dancing too.

  12. WOOHOO-hope that you had (& are still having) plenty of sex šŸ˜‰

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