Coming at it from both sides…

Thanks to a post by Leah over at Olive You, I decided to go onto and buy some cheap OPKs. The onces you buy in the store are prohibitively expensive, especially if you have ridiculously long cycles for me and the 10pk for $25 doesn’t exactly work for you. I just ordered
1 “Combo Pack 40 (LH) Ovulation Tests + 10 Early Detection (HCG) Pregnancy Test Strips”
…for $13.25, which seems like a much better deal. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a BFP this cycle without them, but if I don’t, then the next cycle, I figure that doing both BBT & OPKs can do nothing but increase my odds, right?!
I also read a post from Damn the Rabbits (they made it look so easy) that really made me realize that there is likely more than one reason for my charts to look a little off, b/c in the spring I always have allergies and hence often sleep with my mouth open, which, duh, probably changes my temp in the mornings.
So yeah, here we go – this month we’re coming at it from both sides to see what happens! I also think it’s a good sign that this was my Amazon PayPhrase when I bought the OPKs. Maybe it meant baby showers? 🙂
In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the summer weather and cold beers and realize that it’s good to be alive!


  1. Thanks for the Shout out! The ICs are financial relief on ttc…

  2. DEFinitely a sign!SO glad your back Josey, missed you so. These are like my "little spot o sunshine" posts every day.LOVES!

  3. I have been looking into buying tests online also. Way, way too expensive in stores. $15 for 7 OPK, and $12 for 3 HPT, and those are the cheapest brands! I am really liking, but I would love to know what website you got yours from so cheap! Also, I agree with the allergy comment. I have bad allergies, and sinuses and my temps have been all over the place..UGH!! Well good luck!

  4. Allison – i just went to…there were a bunch to choose from, and based on what i needed + reviews, that's what i picked. free S&H as well! good luck conceiving!

  5. You've gotta stop saying things like "coming at it from both sides" around me. You know how my mind works.

  6. Haha! Amazon's payphrases always crack me up. Where do they get them? Anyway, good purchase on the OPKs. I get mine at, and I've saved such a buttload of moolah. Us long-cyclers need to be able to OPK without taking out a second mortgage.

  7. Good luck with the OPK's. In the mean time enjoy that refreshing ice cold beer.

  8. I'm totally with Junks on this one. TOTALLY.Dirty.

  9. Josey- went to and bought mine last night!! $10.86 for 50 OPK and 20 HPT! Thanks for the help, and good luck to you as well!!

  10. Hopefully you won't need them, but if you do that is a great deal. I had to buy my refills at the drug store for my monitor and they were $50 for 30 yikes. Next time I will be better about getting them online well before I need them. Lesson learned.

  11. @Junket & Bradshaw – you sick minded perverts. I didn't think of it that way at all!(not)@Ceejay – I'll check out as well. Saving money on OPKs is a huge thing for long cyclers!Thanks for all of the comments ppl- I love "comment love" days. 🙂

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