Falling Apart

You ever have one of those hours where you just fall apart? I had one of those last week…and it turned into a day…and that has turned into a week.

I cannot seem to stop eating.

Overeating causes me to feel awful about myself and to get crabby.

Being crabby means I get upset with my husband too easily and pick fights over nothing.

Picking fights over nothing means a very unhappy household for all, especially since I’m still pissed more than anything that my jeans are tight, my belly is bloated, and I can’t seem to step away from the cheese.



  1. im having that day… i just ate a giant ice cream cone and have stuffed myself all day. so bloated and gross feeling. at least were htting the driving range and ill have some activity that doesnt involve hand to mouth.

  2. Oh MAM, step away from the cheese :)! I have those days…AL THE TIME. Especially when I think the symptoms I have are early pregnancy ones, and then AF comes!! UGHH..my husband probably would agree with yours on picking fights over nothing!! 🙂 Good Luck, and give the cheese a rest! 🙂

  3. I hate those days/weeks. I have been noticing this all over the blogsphere. I have been so anxious lately I have been breaking out in hives. Its crazy. Tomorrow is a new day and I bet you will feel so much better. If you don't, get outside and go for a walk. The sunshine, fresh air, and excersize should help.

  4. I am totally feeling you! I woke up this morning more nauseated than ever. After conquering that feeling, I left work and had to go get myself a nice Blizzard from Dairy Queen. After I read your post I decided I wanted some cheese, then I ate all the wrong things for my diet for dinner. I feel pretty yucky…and it sucks!

  5. I've had one of those months. I feel you, lady. You'll move past it, I know you will.

  6. I loathe when I rock the snowball effect. I was being all good, so I'll have a cookie. Ooh, that was good! Today's already ruined, I'll have another. And another. And before you know it I am so mad at myself for eating 10 cookies I'm not even being rational.I feel you. Thanks for your honesty, it's so refreshing. xo

  7. Don't get down on yourself about eating cheese. People can't be happy all the f-ing time. You'll work through it. Besides in my mind cheese is a health food. If you switch to cookies and cream ice cream give me a call and I will come pry the spoon from your hand…..and take care of the ice cream for you. Chin up buttercup, focus on the wonderful and beautiful things around you to help pull you out of it.

  8. I had one of those a couple of weeks ago and boy did I eat like complete shit! I hope that today is better day and that your upcoming weekend is great 🙂

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