TISW Check-In

Yikes! I’m just about to leave work and realized I didn’t write a weigh-in post today.

152.4# … that means down 1# from last week, but just level with a month ago. YAY/SIGH?

Frustrated with myself that I’m not into the 140s by now (my goal) but it’s my own fault. This past week I just lost it. Didn’t write down anything. I continued to work out and about 75% of the time was eating pretty well (good breakfasts, healthy snacks always) but lunches & dinners were hit or miss. We’ve just had an odd collection of food around thanks to moving, and we keep munching on random stuff. I need to get into a routine again, that’s for sure. My husband’s gone Sat-Wed for a rafting trip, so on Sunday I’m grocery shopping and getting a few key ingredients to just stick to a fairly set menu plan for awhile. I also need to work on cutting cheese out of my life. I’ve just had zero self control with it lately, and that needs to change.

At any rate, it’s 1# less than last week, and that’s a good thing. Now if I could just continue that trend…

PS – I’m still doing the PU/SU/SQ challenge. My days are a bit off b/c of the holiday weekend, but I’ll do Week 2 Workout 3 tomorrow and try to remember to post afterwards. Push-ups are killing me!!

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