CD1 (Cycle 3 on Clomid – 100mg)

Well, good ole’ AF just made an appearance, so this is officially CD1.

That puts my last cycle at 33 days – ovulation on CD22, so only an 11 day LP. I have a call in to the doctor’s office to see if they will put me on a progesterone cream or something to try to extend that luteal phase. At least it’s getting longer though – last cycle was 8 days, so again, moving in the right direction.
The random high dots in the early part of my cycle were from mornings where I drank the night before or mornings I slept in and took my temp later, so I discarded them. The high this morning might have also been caused by drinking last night (we did a river float after work with a bunch of friends last night – super fun!). I’m guessing my temp will be back down in the 97 or so range tomorrow morning. Isn’t it crazy how much our temps can fluctuate? I think I’m going to try temping vaginally this time too to see if that will be more consistent and accurate – I think some of the fluctuation in my temping last month was caused by allergies and sleeping with my mouth open some nights but not others.
I’m super bummed about this, but trying to think positively about it. Things are moving in the right direction and my body seems to be working better, right?! I guess I’ll be drinking at my 10 year class reunion in two weeks!
So OliveLEAH and Wade’s World both got visitors today as well… bummed for all three of us that we all had have that depressing realization, but then I thought Good Things Come in 3s. Maybe this is the month for all three of us!!!!!!!!


  1. HEY YOU ARE HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!!!And now we are cycle buddies! I am on CD1 too!!!! Happy ovulating to both of us! Hopefully you will get a nice long LP this month and a little egg baby snuggled in it!

  2. Thanks Leah! Well, this is the first cycle I haven't been bawling at the sign of AF…I'm definitely in a much better mental state lately. How cool would that be if we both got our BFP this cycle?!! 🙂

  3. But at least your cycles are getting much shorter which means more chances to try! Hang in there.

  4. Josey, I am so bummed for you and Rachel (Wades World)!! But, in just a few days I will be joinging yall too. I have been getting nothing but BFN, and I am 12 DPO! I sucks for all of us, but on the good side a friend of mine back home who also has PCOS has her BFP and is due December 16th! Even though I would be a little upset that most are having babys, I was so happy for her!! Hope your sun burn is better, and let us know how the fertilitea is!!

  5. don't be bummed! this means things are looking more back on track. (well i mean, be a little bummed if you want, but yeah! things are working right!)be careful not to sleep with your vag open, i wouldn't want you to get a falsely-low temperature reading…

  6. I'm sorry to hear about cd 1. 🙁 But it sounds like things are headed in the right direction!

  7. Hey, an 11-day LP really isn't too bad, I recently got pg with a barely 10 day LP (of course, that didn't end well and who knows if it's related or not), and I know a couple of people at least who have gotten pg with an 11-day LP. Progesterone support won't hurt though, and I'm definitely planning on using it next cycle.

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