New Bestie

You see this girl? The one in the picture with me below? She is my reason for sanity in this tiny town lately.
She moved to town over a year ago (maybe 2?) but we just met last winter and just became closer friends this past month. Our husbands play hockey together, and one night my hubby came home and said
You HAVE TO MEET R’s wife. You guys are identical.
I asked him what made him think that, and he said,
Well, I’ve never actually met her and he hasn’t met you, but we’ve decided that you guys are like the same person in different bodies!
Wait a second. She likes to drink? She likes to ski? She likes to raft? She hates not having friends & is depressed about it? This might work! Hm…
C’mon babe – come to the next game. You need to meet.
Well, geez, yes, I’ve been lonely and hating not having a good girlfriend to turn to, but thanks for putting the pressure on!! What if I don’t like her? What if she doesn’t like me? SHIT SHIT SHIT. This is way too much pressure.
We meet in passing at the bar after the next hockey game. We’re all drinking, it’s kind of awkward because we both feel pressure from our husbands to like each other, and that’s it. No phone numbers exchanged, we just sort of keep on with our sad, isolated lives.
Fast forward a couple of months – hubby and I are at the local sports bar/restaurant and they’re there eating. I decide to do a shot of tequila. R tells his wife that she should do one too.

Friendship is born!

The boys go home (why? I don’t remember. but we went out)… we head to the dive bar… we continue to drink…wine, beer, tequila, jager…you name it, we drank it. Well, I didn’t have the wine – I’m convinced that’s why I fared better than M. Poor girl..she ended up in a not-so-good state that night.
The next morning, I text her saying that I had a wonderful time. I hope she doesn’t hate me for her hangover. Hahaha. Right? 
I’m convinced she hates me. CONVINCED. I even cry to my husband that I screwed it up. This one chance I had at friendship with the cool new girl in town, and I screwed it up.
Fast forward a couple of weeks, we run into each other, and she says we should hang out. WTF? I “jokingly” say, “Wow – I thought you hated me when you didn’t respond to my text that morning after we went out.”

Oh! Sorry! I don’t get text messages on my phone.


Also, Halleluia – she doesn’t hate me!

We decide to get together that weekend with some old friends of mine that were back in town. Drinking friends. Like, the kind of friends who make your liver hurt when they get to town. We go out, I end up in my own not-so-good state, and M has to drive me home, in my car, and return the hair-holding favor.

Now we both feel silly about our drunkenness…and sort of relieved, like,
Wow, I’m not the only one who’s been there, done that!
Long story short, we have since figured out that:
1) we got married 15 days apart
2) we each have two dogs, and they are basically identical in looks & personality. one smart & neurotic. one dumb & lovable.
3) it’s a small world – they live in the house my husband used to live in before he moved in with me
4) we like to do the same things. we love the outdoors. we love to drink. we don’t care about makeup & clothing.
5) we are incredibly close to our sisters. we both miss living close to our families. we both love living in colorado (now that we have a good girlfriend to hang out with)
6) we both wish there were more jobs in our desired fields out here, but do what we need to do b/c our husbands love it here.
7) it’s great to have husbands that like each other, cuz couple friends are few and far between
8) and finally, we both needed to find a friend like each other to stay sane.
I am so grateful to have her in my life.
This pic is from last Saturday – the first girls’ night at our new house!
on the left is my other good friend from the area who just moved back to town and is getting married in the area this fall (yay!) she is also another couple friend (!). in the middle is M. white shirt is a girlfriend that moved away about 3 years ago and i just found out last weekend that she is 6 accidentally months preggo. right is a girlfriend that moved away about 1 1/2 yrs ago and was just in town visiting last weekend. gotta love girls’ nights!!!
I love how much happier I am nowdays. Life is good. 🙂


  1. Yay! It's hard to make new girlfriends as an adult. I'm glad you found one – and a couple friend is even better!

  2. I am so happy that you have made good friends. They are so hard to come by. Cute pict!

  3. Aw girlfriends are the best aren't they? If we lived closer I'm sure we'd be friends too! You sound a lot like myself! 🙂 Love that first picture of you two as well – so cute!

  4. Hey hey now. I don't get texts either. But that is a blog for another day. Anyway that is awesome that you found a bestie! I am still in search of my replacement Bestie now that she's moved off to Tacoma (although by the time I find one hopefully she will be back).

  5. Yay!! Making new girlfriends is SO much fun. I love that feeling of clicking with other girls. Can't wait to meet YOU in RL!

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