Chick Flicks shouldn’t make you cry…

I watched Bride Wars last night. Actually, I watched half of it last night before I fell asleep and the other half this morning. I have no idea why we even had this movie in our queue, but it was the last NetFlix we had out and I wanted to get it returned before we leave on vacation tomorrow.

At any rate, it’s a girly, humerous, frivolous, ridiculous, predictable movie… easy to watch while I’m getting ready for work and wanted a happy distraction. In fact, the movie is so predictable that I should have known to turn the frickin’ thing off before the final 5 minutes.

*movie spoiler for those of you who think you may actually watch this movie at some point*

When the “one year later” scene pops up, the best friends are chatting and excited and want to celebrate something and one girl says “actually, i’m not drinking,” and the other says, “yeah, actually, me neither,” and then they both say “are YOU????” and start screaming, because of COURSE they’re both pregnant at the same time and of COURSE their due dates are the same (March 3rd if my stupid baby focused mind remembers correctly), and all I can think is you stupid freaking people it doesn’t actually happen like that while I have tears of pain/frustration/annoyance streaming down my face.

How have I turned into such a bitter, sad person? I hate it. I hate being sad. I hate that stupid, predictable chick flicks can make me cry. I hate that I’ve lost that innocence of believing that I’ll just be pregnant when I want to be pregnant.

Silly, naive little me.


  1. Damn. This makes me sad. I'm sorry and I love you.For what it's worth, I don't think you're giving off a bitter vibe. xo

  2. I skipped the spoiler so I didn't finish reading your post. I haven't see the movie yet obviously. I'm glad it was a good movie though 🙂

  3. ugh 🙁 hang in there. You are not alone my friend…I got all choked up watching baby mama last week.

  4. Aw sweets, I know exactly how you feel. What movie bitches for making you feel that way. Should I ever see Kate Hudson or Anne Hathaway I promise to punch them for all the girls like us out there. Just concentrate on having a great vacation.

  5. Bleh. That's all I got. Bleh.

  6. I know. When I saw this movie in the theatre with my 2 besties Hubs and I had just started trying. I was naive. I loved the movie at the time. Bought it. And now I hate it. And I hate that I hate it. I hate that my life feels tainted now and I can't enjoy something as silly as a chick flick because of how it ends. I'm sorry. 🙁

  7. These movies always make me cry. It's okay that they do. Because it lets us know that we're still human. We're emotional and crazy humans, but I'd rather be a human than a robot any day.

  8. I cry at everything since the IF stuff really hit me. Seriously…everything. I teared up watching The Office when they had the baby and fed the wrong one…at that very part.

  9. I hear you, I don't think you are bitter at all. No worries Josey, your time will come.

  10. LOL – Leah, thank you for making me laugh first thing this morning. I COMPLETELY cried at that same part – and I saved the episode on my DVR, even though it made me cry multiple times. Ridiculousness. 🙂

  11. If you knew ALL of the things that make me cry you probably wouldn't be my friend anymore….lol.

  12. This is definitely something I need to work on. I just watched one of my DVR episodes of "Home Rules" over lunch and SURPRISE – final part of the episode the wife surprises the husband with a cradle & the announcement "are you ready for baby #5?!" I love how a freakin show can feel like a kick in the gut. Working on staying positive…

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