CD41 – 11dpo

Now for the post you all were actually waiting for. 🙂

Unfortunately, not much to tell so far.

Tested Friday morning (8dpo) – BFN.
Tested Saturday morning (9dpo) – BFN.
Tested this morning with a cheapo test (11dpo) – BFN (though I’m not sure this test even detects early pregnancy, so I’m kind of putting this one out of my mind.

Haven’t heard the results from my progesterone test – super frustrated about that. My Ob/Gyn’s nurse is trying to figure out what’s going on and why she hasn’t gotten the results yet. I’ll update this post as soon as I hear back from her.

Still hoping that there’s a possibility of a BFP this cycle, but we’ll see. My temps are still up, so that’s good. Praying that my LP is longer this cycle either way! I’m going to try to not test again until Thursday. It’s too hard seeing BFNs, and I’m hoping by Thursday I’ll either see a BFP or just get AF and know that we’re on to the next cycle.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!


  1. The fact that your temps are still up is a good sign. It means you're most likely in the luteal phase. Fingers crossed for your BFP.

  2. Yep, high temps is definitely a good thing! Trying to stay away from those darn tests is one of the hardest things. Hopefully the next few days goes by fast for you! Did your doc suggest the progesterone test or did you want it just to confirm?

  3. It's not over yet! Still very early, and your temps are great…everything crossed for you!

  4. You know what they say: it's not over till it's over! Keeping my fingers crossed that your BFP is waiting for you this week.

  5. Yay for high temps! i still have everything crossed for you.

  6. Praying for good news and a BFP!

  7. Are you doing any betas? I am hoping and praying it is just early for you. Come on BFP!!

  8. Hey ladies – thanks for the kind words & thoughts – it means a lot!Not doing any betas – the closest RE is 300+ miles away so we're still using my regular Ob/Gyn and he doesn't do much more than say "here's your clomid." I just called and left his nurse a message AGAIN asking for the results of my progesterone levels test from last Thursday. Frustrating, but trying to take it in stride. I really don't want to test again before Thursday, but it's killing me to try to be patient as well!

  9. I don't test before 14DPO anymore. Too heartbreaking. Would rather have AF show than see the BFN. 11DPO is still early so hang in there!

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