My First IComLeavWe Post!

This is my very first IComLeavWe, and I’m excited to meet all of you ladies!

First, a little about me. My husband and I just celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Monday (yay!) and our 1 yr anniversary of deciding to try for a baby (boo!). We live in southwest Colorado in the middle of the mountains with our two dogs and are busy trying to expand our little family. 

You can read my whole TTC history here, but basically, we’re just now crossing into the dreaded 1 yr of trying wasteland called Infertility. This is my 6th cycle in the past year and only the 1st or 2nd time I’ve ovulated.

I went to the doc back in February (a regular Ob/Gyn because the closest RE is 300+ miles away, not good) and after a battery of tests, they diagnosed me with “probable” PCOS – whatever the hell that means. 

Basically, I wasn’t ovulating, my periods were irregular to non-existent (that particular 118d cycle was finally ended thanks to Provera), and though my blood work came back “in the normal range” and I don’t have any other symptoms really, the doc thinks he saw a ring of peals on my ovaries, so he’s going with PCOS. 

Oh how I wish I lived close to an RE…and that I had insurance that covered Infertility treatment…though maybe not in that order.

At this point, I just got my very first 7dpo progesterone draw results back yesterday, and even though I’m on 100mg of Clomid this cycle, my levels were only at 8.8. Nurse lady said that’s good & means I’ve ovulated… though from what I’m reading, that’s way too low for a medicated cycle. Any help/opinions on this would be greatly appreciated! If I get a BFN this cycle, I’m calling her back to push for 150mg I think… 

This cycle I’m on 100mg Clomid, tracking BBT, doing weekly acupuncture, taking Chinese herbs, drinking FertiliTea, using FertileCM, and listening to my Circle+Bloom Mind/Body fertility meditation program. Sounds like a lot when I type it out, but it’s just normal life now days I guess. πŸ™‚

So here I sit…CD43 – 13dpo – in the dreaded 2ww. I tested last weekend (early, I know, but vainly hoping for a BFP to tell my family in person since my husband and I had flown home for the weekend) and am trying to control myself to not test again until tomorrow. BFNs are just too hard to take.

At any rate, thanks for stopping by and for the comment love – I can’t wait to check out all of your blogs! 

**edit** I scheduled this post from last night. Unfortunately, this morning my temp dropped below the coverline and there was a hint of pink on the TP, so I’m guessing this will probably end up being CD1 for me. *sigh* I definitely think I’m going to call my Ob/Gyn and try to push for 150mg Clomid this next cycle (Clomid cycle 4). I pray that we will be one of the lucky ones that will “only” have to deal with Clomid and not ART, but hope is harder and harder to come by with each passing cycle and BFN. When will this waiting game finally be over for us? πŸ™


  1. I cannot wait to hear some great news tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  2. Glad to see you joined ICLW! By the way, what is ART?

  3. @Steph – ART is Assisted Reproductive Technology (IUI/IVF).I'm excited about ICLW and connecting with other women who are going through what I am!

  4. Oh Josey, it brings tears to my eyes to read your post & edit this morning. Been praying for you that you will get the blessing you and Charlie have been trying so hard for. Thinking of you always!

  5. I found you through ICLW and we have the same anniversary! Two years for us as well! Congratulations!I'm sorry to see your temp drop this morning. I have PCOS and was not responding well to the Clomid either. Definitely try the 150mg and if that doesn't work, ask about Femara. I've had better luck

  6. Oh Jos, I am so sorry sweetie. I was hoping this would be the cycle for you. I know it will happen for you though. It is so hard to stay positive when you face cycle after cycle of BFN, but the fact that you made it do 13dpo is a good sign. That means your LP is getting longer. Hopefully that extra boost of Clomid will make the difference between this cycle and the next. It will happen my love. As soon as I hit the one year mark I was certain I would all of a sudden get pregnant. But it took me another three months. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. It will happen.

  7. @Mrs S – check out Leah's blog (OliveYou on my sidebar) – she also has the same anniversary as us! I'm bummed right now, but trying to remember that a longer LP is a good sign… maybe next time.

  8. I'm so sorry about the temperature drop, sweetie. I hope that next cycle will bring you better luck! And I agree with Mrs. S about asking about Femara. I was a poor responder with Clomid, especially when it came to my lining. Even though Clomid will cause ovulation, people with PCOS tend to have extremely thin lining on that particular drug. Femara doesn't have the same side effect. It's worth asking about.

  9. BLAH, I was so sorry to read/see your update. I hope you won't have to try ART either- I was in your same place last year (just starting out w/ clomid), and then we went through injectables, IUI, IVF, and now we're back to praying for a miracle baby on our own. I've added you to my prayer list- isn't it great that we can support each other πŸ™‚

  10. I am sorry Jos. Sending you some ((HUGS)). I hope and your Dr. can come up with a new plan of attac.

  11. I was so sorry to hear your update πŸ™ I was hoping this was your cycle. I would consider asking for Femara instead of upping the clomid again. I hope you have better luck this next cycle.ICLW #30

  12. First time visitor for ICLW. I hope you get pregnant soon.

  13. {{{HUGS}}} to you. The IF journey is so hard. I know. I have to agree with previous posters about the Femara – usually a better response AND less side effects. Also, you can take one low dose (81mg) aspirin once a day to help with lining.

  14. Welcome to ICLW!! This is only my 2nd month and I love it!

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog. If I end up not needing my meds, we can work something out and I will send them to you. It does bug me that IF is not covered by insurance, since almost all IF is caused by a definable medical condition. I've had lots of friends who were non ovulation PCOSer's and once they got to ovulating it diddn't take long. Hope the same happends for you!!!

  16. P.S. I hate that I misspelled something in my post and can't fix it! ha! And I agree about the Femara. My Dr says she never uses Clomid for PCOS, plus it made me a crazy woman.

  17. Sorry about the temp drop πŸ™

  18. hey thanks for stopping by! I was pretty excited to hear that you semi stalked me! hahaI like you right off since we have the same anniverary

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